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[DESIGN SHOW 25] Sloping, wide garden design plan ideas

[DESIGN SHOW 25] Sloping, wide garden design plan ideas

Wide, Sloping Garden Design Concept Plan Ideas In this episode, professional, international garden designer Rachel Mathews will show how she designed a wide, shallow client garden with lots of changes in level.
As you’ll see in the video, the design the landscaping company came up with, wasn’t making the best use of space within the garden or tackling the slope well.
Creating a garden design that flows It’s important to remember that a garden is a whole entity, not a series of unrelated parts. Knowing this will really help when it comes to creating a design that works seamlessly.
Creative changes in level for sloping gardens Just because a level change is in a certain place in the garden, doesn’t mean it has to stay there when you landscape your garden. Adjusting the shape and position of the level change can have a dramatic impact on the final look and feel of your design, as Rachel demonstrates in the vide.
Would you like Rachel to design your garden? If you’d like Rachel to come..

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Modern, awkward shape garden design – Wolfgang’s garden

Modern, awkward shape garden design – Wolfgang’s garden

I’m very pleased to be featuring Wolfgang’s garden in this week’s SGD Student Hall of Fame. Wolfgang lives in Germany and this is the garden he had to contend with once the house was completed!

Yikes! What to do with a garden like this? Firstly: LEARN ABOUT GARDEN DESIGN (if you’re going to DIY).
The best way, and of course I would say this, is to buy an online garden design course! Specifically The Great Garden Formula – which is exactly what Wolfgang did.
He tried various different designs as he progressed through the course, the first one we show in the video he’s kindly created showing us around his design.
Video Tour of Wolfgang’s Design
I really love the metal panel sections in between the hedging, that you can see in the video – think I might have to ‘borrow’ that idea! And thank goodness Wolfgang came to my rescue with navigating on SketchUp!
The Construction Process
Wolfgang had NO previous garden design experience before doing the course and he has painstakingly bui..

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