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    Iconic Corten Steel Architecture

    We have produced this infographic that is packed with information about some of the most iconic corten steel architecture from around the World. Check out this design and learn about amazing weathering steel architecture including the Abetxuko Bridge, the Angel of the North, the Fulcrum Sculpture and more. We hope that you enjoy this corten…

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  • Retaining Wall Lifestyle9 scaled

    Retaining Walls: the unsung heroes of modern garden design

    Retaining Walls are a fantastic tool for revitalising your garden. Used to create raised beds they introduce new levels and it is this height variation that breathes new life into any outdoor area. With clever planting schemes and the right Retaining Walls it is easy to transform your garden into an entirely new area with…

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  • Shell Asymmetric Bowl Planter 70x36cm Lifestyle1

    She Sells Sea Shells: Mother of Pearl Shell Planters

    Something about sea shells always makes you happy. They bring back memories of holidays by the sea side and of playing in rock pools as a child. That wonderful feeling has been captured in these gorgeous, handmade mother of pearl planters, meaning they bring a smile to your face whenever you see them. What are…

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  • Fibreglass Buxus Planter customer photo

    How To Choose The Right Pots & Planters For Your Garden

    There are so many gorgeous pots and planters on the market that it can be hard to know where to begin! On the one hand, it’s amazing to have such a huge variety to choose from but on the other, it makes finding the right planter for you a bit like working through a maze.…

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  • Corten Steel Planters

    Corten Steel Garden Planters – Find your dream planter

    Corten Steel Garden Planters have sky-rocketed in popularity in recent times and it’s easy to see why. The gorgeous orange hue, the contemporary styles and the lasting quality makes for fantastic planters at affordable prices. Below we have outlined the main points to consider when buying a Corten Steel Garden Planter and explain why it’s…

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  • Edgeline Garden Edging Lifestyle1

    Edgeline Garden Edging: Easy install garden edging

    Edgeline Garden Edging is the edging that’s thought of everything. Garden edging can be a real headache. Trying to edge awkward shapes, finding a good way to anchor it into the ground, it can all be a bit overwhelming especially if you are looking for DIY garden edging. Not any more. Edgeline Garden Edging has…

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  • Fire Table Square by Adezz alt 2

    Fire Fever: Outdoor fire pits, bowls and tables.

    Fire pits, bowls and tables are the perfect addition to any garden. As we head towards cooler weather many of us feel as though we have to say goodbye to our gardens until the Spring. But what if this wasn’t the case? By having an outdoor fire pit, bowl or table you can bring warmth…

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  • Garden Wall Screen Lifestyle4

    Garden Wall Screens: Inspiration and Ideas for any Garden

    Garden Wall Screens are an excellent way to modernise your garden, create some privacy or direct the eye to a desired focal point or view. Although it can come as surprise, they work equally well when used in both larger or smaller gardens provided they are positioned correctly. This article aims to give some inspiration…

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  • Corten Steel Weathering Process

    What is Corten Steel? All your questions answered

    Chances are, you’ve seen Corten Steel before and didn’t even know it. Corten Steel is a type of weather-resistant steel that forms a rust-like patina when exposed to the elements.  This means that, over time, Corten Steel develops a unique one-of-a-kind look. It’s this distinctive appearance that has made Corten Steel increasingly popular in recent…

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  • drought tolerant gardens

    Drought tolerant gardens – lush Xeriscaping not Zeroscaping deserts!

    How do you create a beautiful garden in a dry, low water region without needing to constantly irrigate or risk having it look like a desert?

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