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Contemporary Garden Design – SGD student Tessa Marshall

long garden rustic contemporary 2

Nothing makes me happier than when my Successful Garden Design students send in their design plans after completing the courses.

Tessa from Canada did our Great Garden Formula course and has come up with some lovely contemporary designs for her portfolio.

The design layout in this first example is modern with a rustic twist.

The image below shows the view from the house where you can see how effective the design shapes are in drawing the eye down the garden.

drawing of garden design

Contemporary Garden Design

My favourite version is this one. I love the use of trees to add height and interest as well as the modern materials and simplified colour scheme.

modern garden with paved area, seating, grassed garden and planted edges
Contemporary garden design

The contrast between the clipped box globes and the straight lines of the design softens the design whilst still providing plenty of structure.

Contemporary Garden Designs Rely on Simplicity

Really good design is simple. It can be exceptionally hard not to do too much. In the design above, Tessa has done a great job of resisting that temptation.

Straight lines help to keep the design simple, but you can also use curves…

Contemporary and Curved

It’s slightly harder to create a contemporary garden design using curved shapes but as you can see from the example below, Tessa has done a great job of keeping things simple yet interesting.

circle garden design masterpiece
Curved contemporary garden design

Like so many of our students before her, Tessa has now decided to take up garden design professionally. And judging by her designs so far, I’m sure she’s going to do great work.

Learn how to design gardens like a pro without spending thousands or years at college…

If you’d like to do the same courses as Tessa, take a look at the Great Garden Formula and the Plant Design Formula.

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