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Corten Steel Garden Planters – Find your dream planter

Corten Steel Planters

Corten Steel Garden Planters have sky-rocketed in popularity in recent times and it’s easy to see why. The gorgeous orange hue, the contemporary styles and the lasting quality makes for fantastic planters at affordable prices. Below we have outlined the main points to consider when buying a Corten Steel Garden Planter and explain why it’s such a good idea.

What is Corten Steel?

Corten steel, also known as weathering steel or COR-TEN steel is an iron alloy originally developed in America in the 1930s. The fantastic weather resistance of Corten steel comes from the self-protecting rust layer that forms when it is exposed to air and moisture. This rust layer gives in the beautiful orange hue and protects the inner Corten Steel from degrading. Each Corten steel planter develops its rusty patina in a unique way meaning every planter is individual, another factor contributing to their popularity. Being a member of the steel family also gives it high strength yet relatively light weight as well as incredible durability. All of these factors mean that Corten steel is perfectly suited to life outside especially in the form of a Corten Steel Garden Planter.

Corten Steel Weathering Process

The stunning Corten Steel weathering process takes roughly 9 months to complete.

Types of Corten Steel Garden Planters

There is a huge range of sizes, shapes and designs of Corten Steel Garden Planters so it is easy to find the perfect one for your space. With both angular and rounded designs you can create a stronger or softer look to match your design ideas. One of the most exciting types of planter are those fabricated from Corten Steel but in a traditional design. This contrast of old and new creates an eye-catching piece that can be a focal point in your outdoor space. Some of the larger corten steel planters are fantastic for bringing a bold block of colour into your garden which can be beautifully complimented by planting shrubs, trees and other plants that have deep green foliage. There are also Corten Steel Garden Planters available with feet, this provides two benefits. Firstly, added height. Raising your planter off the ground brings new levels to your garden that perhaps haven’t been used before, adding colour to new parts of your space. Secondly, feet provide a greater scope for drainage out of the base of the planter which can be beneficial for certain types of flora. The huge variety of Corten Steel Garden Planters makes it easy to design your space exactly as you’d like it.

Corten Steel Tower Planters by Adezz
Large Corten Steel Garden Planters create a statement.

Where can I use my planter?

Placement of your planter is as important as the planter itself. Finding the perfect position for the size and style of the planter can really set it off, elevating your outdoor area. If you purchase a large Corten Steel Garden Planter, it is best placed in an uncluttered area where it can be the focal point and draw your eye to that part of the garden. This is particularly true if you plant it with a small tree or impressive shrub. Smaller planters, or those with rounded edges can be used in seating areas because knocking into the side of a round planter is less likely to cause injury. Barrier planters are perfect for getting your privacy back, particularly if neighbours can look into your garden. Simply fill the planters with tall grasses such as bamboo and place them in the eye-line that you wish to be protected. Outside your front door, placing Corten Steel Tower Planters on either side can create a gorgeous statement, welcoming people to your house. With Corten Steel Garden Planters to suit every aspect of your outdoor area you can create a flow of orange throughout your garden, harmonising your design scheme.

Andes Trough Adezz Corten Steel Planters Alt 2

Creating a barrier with bamboo if a natural way to protect your privacy.

Bespoke Corten Steel Garden Planters

Although there is a huge variety of planters available, we can offer bespoke pieces. If you would like a size outside of our catalogue range or perhaps you have a certain shape in mind that you just can’t quite find then we have the answer. Working with high-quality corten steel we can fabricate the perfect planter for your space, making your garden design dreams a reality.

Corten Steel Planters alt 1
Beautiful contrast between the Corten orange and the white and deep green of the hydrangeas.

Corten Steel Garden Planters are a fantastic, modern addition to any outdoor space. With options to suit any garden and outdoor area it is easy to find the perfect planter for you. Buy now from FloraSelect or contact us on [email protected] for more details.

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