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[DESIGN SHOW 28] Designer fruit, vegetable & herb garden ideas

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I am often asked how to grow fruit and veg in the garden and still have it look good. In this Successful Garden Design Show episode, we take a look at one of the best organic vegetable gardens in the world – Babylonstoren.

Vegetable Garden Ideas – the Designer Way

The Babylonstoren vineyard and garden is in the Western Cape of South Africa. The garden was designed by the French architect Patrice Taravella in 2007 and in 2010 they finished creating his vision, a stunning fruit and vegetable garden…

3 Top Tips to Create a Designer Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Design layout of the entire garden is key
  2. Create structures within the design that look good all year
  3. Plant in big blocks with long season edibles

Design Layout

Really thinking about the shapes you put in your garden and how you get from point A to point B visually, as well as physically, is the key to creating any great looking garden, regardless of use.

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It helps to hide the mess and vegetables at some point will always look messy. Having either a formal or informal hedge or a low wall helps screen it and gives the eye a solid structure to focus on, which brings a sense of clarity.

garden structure with tree walk way

Bold Planting

Some vegetables like chard, lettuce, kale, cabbage etc have a longer period of looking good, especially if you are harvesting the occasional leaf, rather than the entire plant. Use these to help hide the messier, quick harvest crops and plant in big groups so they stand out and create a solid form.

bold planting

Herbs – Bonus Tip!

If you’re a big lover of herbs, consider planting in groups of either medicinal value eg. plant all the ones that good for stomach complaints or colds together. Or, if you simply use herbs for flavour in food, plant your favourite taste combinations together!

herb garden with wooden shade and planters

Monty Don’s tour of Babylonstoren

Ok, next time I visit Babylonstoren I’ll take a full camera crew with me instead of just an iPhone! The BBC version is a somewhat better visual experience than I managed! ;o)

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