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Fire Fever: Outdoor fire pits, bowls and tables.

Fire Table Square by Adezz alt 2

Fire pits, bowls and tables are the perfect addition to any garden. As we head towards cooler weather many of us feel as though we have to say goodbye to our gardens until the Spring. But what if this wasn’t the case? By having an outdoor fire pit, bowl or table you can bring warmth and life back to your outdoor space throughout the autumn and winter. Then come spring and summer, you have a perfect central point to relax and host around, late into those balmy evenings.

Fire Bowl by Adezz alt 4
Corten Steel Fire Bowl in a beautiful and relaxing seating area.

Fuel Type

So how do you go about choosing the best fire pit, bowl or table for you? A good place to start is by choosing the best fuel type to suit your needs. By far the two most popular are gas and wood with coal becoming far less popular due greater environmental awareness. Gas is generally considered the ‘cleaner’ fuel type as it burns without smoke, this means it is better suited to fire pits, bowls and tables that are being used for aesthetic purposes only. You also have better control over flame size with a gas-fired set-up as you can adjust the fire with the gas regulator. Having said this, there is inherently more danger with a gas rather than wood due to its combustibility. It must also be considered that, in general, wood is cheaper than gas and will provide a hotter flame. Wood-burning fire pits, bowls and tables are fantastic if you want to cook outdoors. With huge variety of wood choice you can subtly change the flavour of your food or the heat of your flame. Wood is also cheaper than the gas equivalent. The only considerations with wood are the smoke produced and the need for fire monitoring. Both materials work well for outdoor fire pits, bowls and tables, so if you are looking to cook, wood is the fuel type for you but if you want warmth and aesthetics only the gas is your answer.

BRANN Aluminium Gas Fire Pit by Adezz 120x80x50cm

Stylish Gas Fire Pits bring warmth and sophistication to any garden space.

Cooking with Fire

There is something incredibly therapeutic about cooking with fire. From selecting your wood, to preparing your ingredients, through to the actual cooking and of course eating, the entire process is something to savour and enjoy. With huge variations in recipes to choose from for outdoor cooking, it is easy to find something to suit you and your guests. It is also an incredibly sociable way to cook, people are drawn towards fire and so having a stunning fire pit, bowl or table is a brilliant way to bring people together. Of course, cooking in your garden can be weather dependent but with the extra heat generated from a wood fire, you will be able to use your fire pit, bowl or table well into the colder months.

Cooking with fire is easy and enjoyable using wood and a fantastic hot plate.

Corten Steel Quad BBQ with Hot Plate by Adezz 60x57cm

Creating a Focal Point with Fire

Fire pits, bowl and tables are also feature pieces, perfecting for using as a stylish focal point to build your garden around. By using fire as a central point, you can develop a seating area, cooking area or relaxation area around it. Having a dedicated area for fire in your outdoor space with encourage you to get outside more and use the beautiful space you have developed. Turning your garden into a multi-functional space is easy with a fire pit, bowl or table and you will be creating a visual spectacle at the same time. With Corten Steel and Aluminium options to choose from it is easy to find the perfect piece to fit your style and to begin enjoying your outdoor space throughout the year.

Corten Steel BRANN Gas Fire Pit Lifestyle1
Fiery focal point in the centre of a contemporary seating area.

Aluminium vs Corten Steel

How do you choose the perfect material? At Flora Select we offer a range of contemporary fire pits, bowl and tables with options fabricated from both Aluminium and Corten Steel. Aluminium is the latest ‘wonder-material’ for garden design. Light-weight yet incredibly strong, this gorgeous material can also be coated in a huge variety of scratch-resistant colours so you can customise your fire pit, bowl or table to exactly match your style. It is also weather-resistant and heard-wearing meaning it is suited to both domestic and commercial applications. However, with all these advantages it isn’t surprising that aluminium is a more expensive option. Corten Steel is a gorgeous material that has risen in popularity in recent times. Its distinctive rust coating creates a self-protecting layer preventing degradation of the planters whilst giving the stunning orange colour. Weather-resistant and incredibly strong, this fantastic material will make for a beautiful fire pit, bowl or table as the amber hue conjures feelings of warmth before the fire has even started. It is also cheaper than the equivalent in aluminium, but cannot be coated to achieve other colours. Both aluminium and corten steel are perfectly suited to life outside and each make brilliant fire pits, bowls and tables because of their individual advantages.

All in all, a fire pit, bowl or table is a brilliant addition to any outdoor space. Creating warmth, a place to gather and with the potential to turn your garden into an outdoor kitchen, it is easy to see why so many people are inspired to have their own. With a huge range of options to choose from in both Aluminium and Corten Steel, Flora Select can provide you with the perfect fiery addition to your garden. Email us on [email protected] for more details.

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