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Garden Design Hack 2 – Alignment


In our last garden design hack Simplicity, we saw how less is often more and how not cramming your garden with plants and features makes it all the more gorgeous.

This time we’re looking at another often overlooked design element – Alignment.

Casa Mosaica once again shows us how to get this right…

Where are you going?

Not a question most people usually ask when it comes to designing a garden, but as you’ll see by the end of this article, it’s a very important question…

Casa mosaica courtyard with plants, trees and central pond

Plonk or place? Most people, sadly, plonk…

A water feature, patio, seating area, plants, you name it – in the average garden, they tend to get plonked in wherever there is room.

But placement is key.

Good garden design is a journey

If you think of your garden as a journey of discovery, even if it’s tiny, creating an interesting garden is easy.

I have seen many a garden with paths that go nowhere, and ponds and pergolas etc. that are randomly plonked ‘somewhere‘.

Before you do anything in your garden, ask yourself: “Where am I going with this?”

Does the path, pergola or feature you are planning

  1. Line up with the viewpoints, doors and windows of your home?
  2. Actually go somewhere?

Basically, there has to be a point to any feature within your garden. And no, just because there’s room for ‘it’ isn’t a good enough reason!

Casa Mosaica path with plants either side and seating at the end

In the image above, the path goes to a metal pergola with a seating area, before veering off to the right towards the casita (small house) at the end of the garden.

The same seating area also just happens to line up with the centre of the formal pond/pool – see the image below.

Casa-Mosaica-Pond with statue

And notice how perfectly it lines up with the three arches of the house.

Great gardens don’t happen by accident…

If you’d like to learn more about design, do check out Rachel’s free garden design fast-track web classes.

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I hope you’ve been as inspired as I have by this glorious garden.

Casa Mosaica Casita behind planted garden of trees and plantsAnd if you’d like to see Casa Mosaica for yourself, it’s located in the gorgeous Spanish white village of Gaucin in southern Spain.

They rent out an apartment that sleeps four, as well as the casita pictured here that sleeps two.

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