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She Sells Sea Shells: Mother of Pearl Shell Planters

Shell Asymmetric Bowl Planter 70x36cm Lifestyle1

Something about sea shells always makes you happy. They bring back memories of holidays by the sea side and of playing in rock pools as a child. That wonderful feeling has been captured in these gorgeous, handmade mother of pearl planters, meaning they bring a smile to your face whenever you see them.

What are Shell Planters?

An incredibly stylish indoor planter, these gorgeous pieces are fabricated from a high-quality fibreglass inner set with geometric mother of pearl fragments. This work is all done by hand with extreme care taken to give each of the Shell Planters a faultless finish. The mother of pearl fragments themselves are a by-product of the pearl industry and come in three natural colour variations: Silver-Blue, Brown and White. As the Silver-Blue is a rarer form of the mother of pearl, planters set in that colour are slightly more expensive than their counterparts. There are huge size and style ranges available with the mother of pearl outer meaning you can find the perfect planter to fit in any location. This also means that by having several complimentary Shell Planters running through your space you can create a harmonious flow that will have a breath-taking effect.

Where can I use them?

There is a huge variation in the sizes and styles of Shell Planters meaning they can be used in a whole host of locations, however, they do all have one thing in common – they are suited to indoor use only. Some of the smaller variations such as the Table, Bowl and Bath Planters can be used as centrepieces on a coffee table or dining table to create a focal point, elevating the space. A larger Shell Planter such as the Conical, Vase or Pinched Bowl Planters can be used in a number of ways. Firstly, flagging either side of a doorway to create an inviting design scheme, or perhaps lining a hallway to give colour and a reflective glow along its length. Alternatively, they can be used as stand-alone statement pieces allowing the beautiful mother of pearl to take centre stage to dazzle and delight anyone who sees it. Another option is to have a smaller, more subdued planter such as the Orchid Planter which sit happily in a bathroom, on a windowsill or bookshelf to give a glint of colour and shine without taking all of the attention. These Shell Planters can be used in both domestic and commercial settings, suiting homes, offices and hotels alike to lift the design scheme and create a beautiful beach theme.

What can I put in my Shell Planters?

As these planters are for use indoors only naturally they suit indoor plants. Not only this but they can be used with artificial plants, particularly in commercial set-ups. The other option, for some of the smaller Shell Planters such as the Asymmetric Bowl and Table Planters is that they can be used as fruit bowls or for decorative floral arrangements. In terms of indoor plants, a good place to start is always with succulents. Requiring little maintenance and giving year round green they are a simple way to bring flora inside your house. A fantastic succulent that would work brilliantly in our Shell Bath Planter would be Baby Toes, Fenestraria which gives an abundance of stubby green shoots that will fill the planter but won’t gain too much height meaning it will still be suited to life as a table centre piece. The larger the planter the larger the plant you can place in it meaning our Conical Shell Planter for example could suit an impressive Money tree, Pachira aquatica.

Shell Conical Planter Silver-Blue 40x40x77cm Lifestyle3

The rarer Silver-Blue Mother of Pearl gives the look of reflected moon light.

Our Shell Planters are works of art in their own right. The gorgeous mother of pearl coupled with a timeless design means these planters are unmatched. Filling them with a stylish house plant or decorative arrangement will just set them off meaning you will have a beautiful seaside themed set-up to lift any area it is placed in.

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