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Edgeline Garden Edging: Easy install garden edging

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Edgeline Garden Edging is the edging that’s thought of everything.

Garden edging can be a real headache. Trying to edge awkward shapes, finding a good way to anchor it into the ground, it can all be a bit overwhelming especially if you are looking for DIY garden edging. Not any more. Edgeline Garden Edging has an intelligent and easy to use system that solves all of these problems.

What is edging used for?

Garden edging is a versatile addition to any outdoor space. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as framing a flower bed or lawn, or even outlining a driveway. It provides a neat and distinct border behind which you can create a stunning planting scheme. Or if you want added texture in your garden, you can use the edging to create a space you can fill with pebbles and stones or perhaps wood chips. Edging can also be used to frame a specific garden feature, perhaps a tree or water fountain, helping to draw the eye to the desired place. When used to edge a driveway, it can lift the area, creating a more sophisticated look, elevating the composition. This can also be applied to garden paths, keeping them tidy and clean with little effort involved.

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Gorgeous edging, easy to install.

What is Edgeline Garden Edging?

Cleverly designed, easy to install, high-quality Aluminium edging. Fabricated from 3mm extruded Aluminium, coming in 10cm high, 2m long strips with a smart groove system on the back of each piece which allows the stake and bracket system to be attached at any point along its length. Available in three gorgeous colour options: Natural Aluminium, Terra Brown (RAL 8028) and Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016). The two colour options go through a two-coat process where first, a primer layer is applied followed by a scratch and weather-resistant powder coat giving a gorgeous, even finish.

How do I install Edgeline Garden Edging?

Installing Edgeline Garden Edging is a breeze. Simply click the bracket onto the back of the edging section, slide the stake into the back of that, the push the stake into the ground wherever it is required. If you hit a root or rock, then simply shift the bracket along the length of the edging slightly and carry on. If you want to join two separate edging sections, simply straddle the bracket over the two ends you wish to join. It really is that simple. The ease of installation means Edgeline Garden Edging is suitable for DIY solutions because if you want to change your placement all you have to do is lift the stake out of the ground and move it to the new location.

What shapes can I make?

Some of the more traditional edging can be limited in the shapes and designs it allows you to create. Edgeline Garden Edging allows you far more freedom, the flexible yet strong Aluminium allows curves, corners and straight lengths to be developed with ease. Creating curves is simple by just gently bending the edging section and securing it with the bracket and stake system. If you finish your curve and want to change it then all you have to do it pull the stake back out of the ground and reform your curve. The Edgeline Garden Edging is fully movable so you can relocate the edging at any time if you change your garden design.

Edgeline Garden Edging Fixing View

Creating smooth curves, corners and straight sections couldn’t be easier.

Edging doesn’t have to be difficult and can be a DIY job. Edgeline Garden Edging makes it so easy, simple installation, stunning finish and movable it is the ultimate solution to all of your edging problems. Buy now from Flora Select, or contact us at [email protected] or on 01245 422 353 for more details.