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The 7 Best Garden Planters for Your Home

Buxus Trough Adezz Fibreglass Planter white ral 9016

Garden planters, pots and containers are guaranteed to add instant style and versatility to living and garden spaces of all shapes and sizes. As well as aesthetic appeal, container gardening boasts several practical benefits; improved drainage, avoiding soil-borne disease, weed prevention and portability of plants, to name a few. In order for your garden to meet your needs, it is important that the types of planters installed meet your garden’s needs.

Zinc Planters

Renowned for their modern, stylish appearance, zinc planters are perfect for affordable outdoor usage. Though particularly fashionable in minimalist and industrial décor, the advantages of zinc planters go far beyond aesthetic appeal. They are lightweight and therefore readily portable, which is key in aiding control over your plants’ moisture, sunlight and temperature. When stability is required, however, heavier zinc planters are available and ideal for less wind-resistant garden plants.

Crafted from electroplated zinc and powder-coated for extra protection, longevity is another asset of zinc planters, due to their rigidity, strength, and weather resistance. They exist in various shapes and sizes; combinations of which can be used to add style and diversity to your garden. Additionally, Floraselect’s zinc window boxes are available in black, white, silver and grey, brightening up any windowsill with their contemporary flair. 

Corten Steel Trough Planters

Corten steel planters, also known as ‘weathering steel’ planters, are extremely long-lasting. Unlike galvanised steel, Corten steel undergoes a 9-month weathering process, corroding over time to form a protective layer that prevents further rusting. The layer occurs naturally in bronze and copper hues which make every planter unique, and very attractive. The hardwearing property of the material also renders it ideal for landscaping and outdoor construction.

Corten steel’s weathered, bronzed appearance contrasts beautifully with plant foliage. In addition, cuboidal trough planters are often used to form barriers or create artificial walls when planted up with tall plants, for example, bamboo. ‘Weathering steel’ planters certainly live up to their name, managing to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, whatever the weather.

Hardwood Planters

Thanks to their classic appearance, hardwoods such as garapa and balau offer real versatility and adaptability in garden planters. Hardwood planters belong in any home, from traditional gardens to modest botanical balconies.

Hardwood is naturally durable, and rot and weather damage can be avoided by treating planters with flaxseed oil. In the interest of sustainability, pollinating carpenter bees are attracted to wooden planters as well as the plants themselves; herbs favoured by bees, such as borage and lavender, are therefore a match made in heaven with hardwood containers. Planters made of hardwood also provide excellent heat insulation for soil, so their year-round advantages are just as timeless as their design. In addition, hardwood planters’ practical benefits and sophisticated appearance have caused their popularity to skyrocket in restaurants and public areas.

Galvanised Steel Planters

Much like their zinc counterparts, galvanised steel planters will age gracefully, all the while adding a contemporary touch to homes and gardens. As well as its durability, galvanised steel is notoriously weather-resistant, and is easy to maintain by occasionally wiping down with a damp cloth. With their cool colour palette and clean lines, galvanised steel planters make stylish additions to minimalist, industrial and contemporary décor, contrasting nicely against other natural materials in the environment, whether it be wood, soil or plant life.

Manufactured at a standard thickness of 4mm, galvanised steel planters available at Floraselect are considerably robust, a quality which accommodates these planters to public gardens, commercial environments as well as your home.

Fibreglass Barrier Planters

The versatility of fibreglass sets it apart from original materials such as stone and clay. Fibreglass boasts many assets, namely resilience, durability, being lightweight, and weather and UV resistance, thus making the material a firm favourite of landscapers and gardeners for indoor and outdoor use. It is often used in aircraft, bathroom suites, windows, privacy screens and booth seating for bars and restaurants.

Fibreglass planters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so they can perfectly integrate into all atmospheres and design schemes. For fans of linear, modern décor, barrier planters can optimise space in garden, living and public areas. The use of fibreglass planters as wall barriers, to section areas off or to simply grow and display a contained garden is innovative and in vogue; it can also take more modest gardens, house plants or balconies, for instance, to a larger scale. According to the RHS, plants that thrive in raised soil include soft fruits, vegetables, alpines and herbaceous perennials such as daylilies.

Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters are so timeless that the word ‘terracotta’ is almost synonymous with ‘plant pots’. Porous, stylish and inexpensive, terracotta planters are a staple of most gardens. They are well accustomed to colder climates as their porous walls draw water out of soil to dry it more quickly. Dryer soil cacti and succulents are therefore ideal florae for these planters; not just brightening up the home but producing oxygen and cleaning the air too. Terracotta’s muted, earthy colour palette brings a touch of Mediterranean to both indoor and outdoor gardens, aging handsomely thanks to patina formation. Traditions exist for a reason when it comes to your garden.

Aluminium Planters

Aluminium is considered a new smart material; it is lightweight and long-lasting, and extremely resistant to chips, scratches, cracks and breakages. What’s more, aluminium planters are made rigid and strong thanks to their high strength : weight ratio. The fact that aluminium does not rust is also beneficial to outdoor planters, though of course aluminium planters are not limited to al fresco usage.

The majority of aluminium planters have simple, clean exteriors that will complete urban jungles as well as outdoor garden spaces. Aluminium planters are versatile enough to match any aesthetic, and are commonly customisable and made-to-order due to short production runs being more cost-effective.

Shop The Garden Planter Range at Floraselect

For every garden, big or small, there is a perfect planting solution! Check out our wide range of garden planters for gardens of all sizes and purposes, and get in touch if you require any assistance in choosing the perfect planter.

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