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Tiny space garden ideas – SGD student Rebeca

tiny space garden

Last time we featured an awkward shaped garden, that Successful Garden Design student Rebeca from Costa Rica had turned into a beautiful space after completing the Great Garden Formula course.

What can be done with such a small space garden?

Not content with tacking one tricky garden, she’s now done another one. This time it’s the size more than shape that’s hard to deal with.

Designing a tiny space garden

Rebeca came up with two great designs…

“I will tell you a little bit about the tiny space. It is a “indoor garden”, but before been a garden it has been just a open space without any use.

I made two design, one more straight and other with curves. The owner choose the curvy one, and we built that in two days (painting and putting the gravel).

It is not finished at all, because I am missing some decoration (focal points), but eventually It will have those.”

Small space garden designs from Rebeca Brenes after completing the Great Garden Formula course

The best use of space in a tiny garden

Although both designs work well, the clear winner is the curved design because of the way the design makes the space appear larger.

Even though it’s not quite finished, you can see what a huge difference this design has made.

Tiny space garden before and after

Now Rebeca has completed our pro-level Great Garden Formula course, she’s been busy designing other gardens for people professionally.

Here’s a sneak peek at what she’s been up to…

Other designs from Rebeca Brenes after completing the Great Garden Formula course

If you’d like to take the same online garden design course Rebeca did – check out the Great Garden Formula.

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