Garden Edging

Garden edging is a simple and effective way of creating neat edges and an elegant style in your garden. Fabricated from high-quality corten steel, aluminium or galvanised steel, these narrow metal strips can be used for a variety of applications such as lining driveways and paths, or as lawn edging. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, garden edging provides an instant lift to any outdoor space.

Materials for Garden Edging

With three fantastic materials to choose from, it is easy to find the right garden edging for you. Corten steel has become very popular recently and it’s easy to see why. With the stunning rusted orange hue which not only looks gorgeous but also serves as a self-protecting outer layer preventing the degradation of the edging. It is weather-resistant and durable and so perfectly suited to life outside. We also have corten steel planters to perfectly match the garden edging.

Also on offer, aluminium is the new garden wonder-material, light-weight yet incredibly strong. It is also possible to colour the aluminium, with options available in brown and anthracite grey. Additionally, it is easy to bend, allowing for the simple creation of curves and corners as well as straight line sections in your garden edging. Also shop our matching aluminium garden planters.

Another option for your lawn edging is galvanised steel, which is zinc coated steel and provides a superior weather-resistance. The pale silver colour gives it a modern look when used outdoors, perfect for contemporary garden spaces. We offer a range of galvanised steel garden accessories to create a theme throughout, including galvanised steel planters.

Types of Garden Edging

Flora Select offers a range of garden edging with straight and corner pieces in a variety of styles including straight top, lipped and folded so that you can create the ideal design to suit your garden space.

With both the lipped and folded edging, only straight lines or straight corners are available, so if you are looking to create a curved set-up the straight edging will be the option for you which can, with relative ease, be gently bent into soft curves to match your lawn, border or driveway. We also offer Edgeline Garden Edging which allows for incredibly easy installation using its unique bracket and stake system. This allows you to create curves, corners and straight line sections with ease.

Installing Lawn Edging

Flora Select offers two varieties of garden edging each with different installation techniques.

The Edgeline Garden Edging is incredibly easy to fit using the bracket and stake system. Each bracket simply clicks onto the back of the edging at any point along its length then a stake slots into that which can be pushed into the ground. The brackets and stakes can be moved at any time if you come across a rock or root, or simply wish to change your edging set up. No welding or concrete required.

Alternatively, our other edging which comes in corten or galvanised steel requires a different approach. For a successful and long-lasting garden edging set-up, there needs to be anchor points to attach the edging to. For smaller lawn edging, wooden posts can be driven firmly into the ground then the edging sections can be screwed to the posts. For larger sections of edging, you can either concrete wooden posts into the ground and use these as an attachment point. Or, metal posts can be driven into the ground and then spot welded to the edging segments. The benefit of this system is that the edging can be moved easily allowing for slight adjustments or complete changes at a later date if you wish to use the edging elsewhere.

Our garden edging can lift any area of lawn, border or driveway. This simple addition to your outdoor space adds neatness and style for a relatively low cost. If you have any questions, contact the friendly Flora Select customer service team for more details.

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