Fire Pits, Bowls and Tables

Bringing warmth and light into your garden is easy with FloraSelect’s range of fire pits, bowls and tables. Fire has warmed, cooked and fascinated for thousands of years. Something about sitting around a fire, watching it burn connects you with nature and your surroundings creating a calming and enjoyable atmosphere.

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  • Corten Steel Fire Bowl Alt 3

    Corten Steel Fire Pits and Bowls by Adezz

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    BRANN Corten Steel Gas Fire Pit by Adezz

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  • Corten Steel Bocca 120×61 cm

    Corten Steel Bocca Fire Bowl

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  • Square Fire Table by Adezz

    Square Fire Table by Adezz

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  • Circular Fire Table by Adezz

    Circular Fire Table by Adezz

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  • Brann Aluminium Gas Fire Pit by Adezz 2

    BRANN Aluminium Gas Fire Pit by Adezz

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  • Forma Fire Pit by Adezz

    Corten Steel Forma Hexagon Firepit 115x100x27cm

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  • Aluminium Recessed Square Gas Fire Pit by Adezz 70x46x140cm

    Recessed Square Gas Fire Pit by Adezz

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  • Corten Steel Icon Gas Fire Pit Glass Back by Adezz 121x40x76cm

    Corten Steel Icon Gas Fire Pit by Adezz

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Showing all 9 results

Range of Fire Accessories

Having a dedicated place for fire in your garden can create a design focal point to work from and encourages people to congregate in a localised area. FloraSelect offer a range of accessories so it is easy to choose the perfect piece to sort your garden. With options of wood, gas, coal or varied fuel-type, you can choose your piece based on the type of warmth and light you would like to produce. Our fire bowls come with pre-drilled holes in the bottom to ensure air can circulate through the bowl to allow for more efficient burning. We have a huge range of fire tables with choices of shape, size and feet as well as the option to add an additional grill set up so that you can cook outdoors in style. If you would prefer a gas set up, then FloraSelect offers a stunning fire pit which comes with larva stones, a protective cover, gas pressure regulator and CE approved rubber gas hose – just connect your gas bottle and you’re ready to go.

Corten Steel

All of our pits, bowls and tables are made from high-quality corten steel. This fantastic material is incredibly hard-wearing and durable. Its unique rust orange colour compliments the rich golden tones of fire perfectly to create a beautiful marriage of warmth and style. Corten steel is also self-protecting, forming the beautiful rust patina over the course of around 9 months which then prevents the inner corten steel from rusting. This colour development means that every corten steel fire accessory is individual.

FloraSelect offers and exciting range of fire bowls, pits and tables which can be customised to suit your garden perfectly. If you need any assistance choosing the ideal fire accessory for your outdoor space or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01245 422 353 or email us on [email protected] for further details.