Garden Walls and Panels

Garden Walls and Panels are a fantastic way to bring colour and style into your outdoor space. With a huge variety of designs to choose from it is easy to find the perfect piece to suit your design style.

What is a Garden Wall Screen?

Used for dividing walls , privacy screens and viewing channels, these large, hollow structures are perfect for segmenting your space whilst simultaneously adding colour and style. With a huge range so sizes and materials available, it is easy to find the perfect Garden Wall Screen for your garden. Built with high-quality materials, each Wall Screen has a mounting strip on the base which can be used for securing the piece in place. The hollow structure means that they can be easily drilled to add lighting and electrical equipment if desired. With aluminium, corten steel and fibreglass options, it is easy to tailor your Garden Wall Screen to your preferences.

What is a Garden Panel?

A tall, narrow, decorative piece of Aluminium or Corten Steel with a rounded back edge forming a tight frame. Available in both nature-inspired and abstract designs there is a huge variety of interesting and eye-catching Garden Panels to choose from. Alternatively, if you would prefer just a block of colour, there are basic panels which have no etched design. There are also Garden Panel Posts available to purchase which are T-shaped and form an invisible support for the Garden Panels, keeping them secure and sturdy. With Aluminium and Corten Steel options it is easy to find the perfect Panel for your outdoor space.


Lightweight yet strong and incredibly stylish, aluminium is the modern wonder-material of garden design. Easily coated in a huge range of scratch-resistant RAL colours, it is easy to customise your Garden Wall Screen of Panel to perfectly match your taste. Long-lasting and durable, it is an incredibly versatile garden material. However, as a result of its brilliant properties, aluminium is on the higher-end of the price range.

Corten Steel

A highly fashionable, modern material, corten steel has a unique rusted orange which brings an amber glow to any outdoor location. Developing a rusted outer layer which protects the inner corten steel, this incredible material will work perfectly in any contemporary garden design. Cheaper than its aluminium equivalent but without the range of colour options available, corten steel is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to add bold notes to their outdoor space.


Non-metallic meaning it is the cheapest material option, you get fantastic value for money. Available in a range of colours to suit a variety of design schemes, fibreglass is a brilliant choice material for purpose. Lightweight and UV resistant, it is perfectly suited to life outside. The only downside is that you will never achieve a metallic look, so if that is something you are after a different material will be more suitable.

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Showing all 11 results