Grizzly Outdoor Ovens

“Created to defy limits”. You’ll love the unmatched cooking experience the Grizzly Outdoor Ovens provide. Manufactured in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, you’ll feel like you have a real piece of Great British engineering right at home.

What is the Grizzly Cubster?
An iconic oven inspired by over 200 years’ worth of manufacturing knowledge passed down to create an exceptional, hand-crafted cooking tool. You will be blown away by the versatility and unmatched quality that allows you to master all cooking styles and tastes. From smoking to searing, roasting to baking and everything in between. This is the ultimate outdoor oven. That’s why you’ll see it used as the premiere oven in Suffolk’s first Michelin star restaurant – Pea Porridge.

Give me some figures!
Thanks to the expert design of the Grizzly Cubster, you can cook up to 40 % quicker than an open grill at 120-340 °C with an optimum searing temperature of 300-340 °C. Designed to give options of fuel source to suit your cooking preference. Charcoal will for example give you a fire up time of roughly 45 minutes, dependent on fuel quality.

What about extras?
You’ll get everything you ned to get started included with your purchase of your Grizzly Outdoor Ovens. If you want some more specific accessories, have a look through our product page. If you have any questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01245 422 353 or at [email protected]

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Showing all 6 results