Garden Water Features

A garden water feature will bring a new dimension to your outdoor space. FloraSelect offer a wide range of water features to suit your garden, from water bowls to ponds, we have everything you need to create a tranquil garden space. Bringing water into your garden can have a host of benefits including encouraging wildlife and promoting relaxation.

Range of water features

FloraSelect offers a large selection of water features so that you can style your garden however you like. If you are looking to encourage bird life into your outdoor space we recommend a water bowl. Our water bowls are a contemporary answer to a bird bath combining both a place for wildlife to rest and drink with a reflecting pool. Additionally, we offer ponds which are made bespoke to your size preference. Each pond comes fully poly-urea lined meaning they are safe for fish and other pond life. If you also want to include water movement, you can add a water wall to your pond, creating a waterfall effect with beautiful flowing sounds. Or perhaps, you would like a water fountain to bubble away as you relax in your garden. Fountains come with a pump and LED set up included.

Aluminium or Corten Steel?

Choosing between an aluminium or corten steel water feature can be difficult. Both are fantastic materials that are strong, durable and weather-resistant meaning whatever you choose you will have a high-quality piece that will be long-lasting. There are two differences to consider, firstly, colour. Corten steel is unique in its beautiful rust orange hue which develops over time to form a self-protecting finish. In contrast, the range of aluminium water features can be customised to any RAL colour of your choice subject to start-up cost and lead time. This means, if you are looking for an eye-catching piece which radiates a beautiful amber hue then choose corten but if you have a distinct colour scheme in mind for your outdoor space, aluminium is your answer. The second consideration is cost. An aluminium water feature will be slightly more expensive than its corten steel equivalent so if cost control is a big driving force in your garden design then choosing corten steel will be more pocket friendly. All of our water features qualify for free delivery across the UK and most of Europe and will be delivered safely and securely direct to your door.

Adding water to your garden is an excellent way to create a multi-sensory space. Water features generate a calming atmosphere through sound and visual effects. Certain pieces also encourage wildlife which is an enjoyable experience and helps connect you with nature. If you need any assistance or advice, please contact our friendly team on 01245 422 353 or email us on for more details.

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Showing all 14 results