Garden Planters

Garden planters are popular for their unique designs and contemporary finishes. Garden planters can really help to emphasise a space, no matter how big or small. Gardens and balconies can be transformed just by the simple addition of garden pots and planters, which can create aesthetically pleasing focal points and a relaxing environment.

Our range of planters for gardens work well in home gardens and apartment balconies, thanks to the different sizes and styles we have available here at Flora Select. We have plenty of outdoor pots and planters in a variety of colours, sizes and materials to choose from, including aluminium, galvanised steel, fibreglass, zinc and terracotta.

Garden Pots and Planters

If your home decor is sleek and modern, you’ll want contemporary planters that enhance and compliment your living style. Over recent years, the selection of garden planters has greatly improved, with very simple styles becoming increasingly popular. These garden planters are influenced by architectural trends, with modern interpretations of classic and traditional styles, so there is certainly a style available to suit all styles.

Containers give the opportunity to combine contrasting plants in small areas. Or they can be used as a focal point, planted out with a stunning architectural plant to create interest. By matching a black, square garden planter with a striking accent plant like the Astelis chathamica Silver Spear, a unique, clump forming grass-like perennial with elegant, silvery-scaly leaves, you can create a wonderful focal point. You could also fill a large tank planter with bamboo, grasses, shrubs or climbers to soften the appearance of walls, fences and other hard surfaces all year round. The possibilities are endless!

Shop with Confidence

When you buy outdoor pots and planters from us, you can do so with total confidence. With secure payment on all orders, it’s clear to see that there’s no more reliable a place to shop for garden pots and planters than Flora Select.

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Showing 1–16 of 269 results