Aluminium Planters

Our gorgeous range of Aluminium Planters showcases a host of contemporary and stylish pieces to suit a wide variety of design schemes. Every piece is made with great care and attention to detail meaning you receive a beautiful item perfect for elevating your space.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is a fantastic material for making planters, its is incredibly lightweight yet strong and gives a gorgeous metallic look if left natural or alternatively it takes brilliantly to being coated allowing you to choose almost any RAL colour for you planters. It is also incredibly durable and weather-resistant meaning planters made entirely of Aluminium can live happily outside.

Which style should I choose?

FloraSelect offers a large range of Aluminium planters with simple and elegant options all the way to laser etched artistic pieces. We also offer planters that have been finished with Aluminium powder set over a fibreglass inner to give the metallic look but with more flexibility of design. The style you should choose depends largely on the application and placement of your planter. If you are looking to place your pieces in an area with high foot fall, round planters with smooth edges can often be the best choice as they are less likely to cause injury. Alternatively if you are looking for a statement piece in an office area then some of our contemporary indoor planters may be the perfect choice.

FloraSelect’s range covers the vast majority of design styles but if you are looking for something specific, a certain colour for example just contact us on 01245 422 353 or on [email protected] and we can help you with your enquiries.

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Showing 1–16 of 21 results