Atlantis Ceramic Urns

Inspired by Hellenic Civilisation

Fallen from grace with the gods of Olympus, the people of Atlantis were visited by a cataclysm that caused their entire civilisation to be swallowed up by the sea. Now at Flora Select we are selling a fantastic range of Atlantean urns. Inspired by stories of the great Hellenic civilisation, these Atlantis Ceramic Urns are designed to look as though they have been recovered from the ruins of Atlantis. Wood firing  in brick kilns insures that each urn is unique.

The Atlantis Ceramic urns range fits well with a garden themed around the aquatic. The green and blue hues of the planters compliment ponds and other water features. The style of the planters adds a timelessness to the garden.

These look great planted up with creepy plants such as creeping thyme, sempervivum, alpine sedums. Alternatively a structural plant, such as phormiums or yuccas fit well with the shape and design of the planter.

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  • Atlantis Urn Ceramic Planter

    Atlantis Urn | Ceramic Planter

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  • Large Atlantis Earthenware Urn Planter Alt 1

    Large Atlantis Earthenware Urn Planter

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  • Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Plato Ceramic Planter

    Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Planter 17x75cm

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  • Atlantis Grecian Wine Jug Urn Socrates Ceramic Planter

    Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Wine Jug Urn Planter – Socrates

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Showing all 4 results