Capi Planters

Unmatched style and design in a contemporary range of stunning garden planters, the Capi Planters are a fantastic addition to any space. You have a choice of size, design and colour making it easy to find the ideal planter for your space. Additionally, every planter in the range is lightweight yet robust meaning they are weather-resistant and ready for life outside.

Capi Nature

Within the Capi Planters range you will find a special selection of Capi Nature Planters. You’ll be amazed that they are made from recycled materials with a carbon neutral production method. Not only this but the planters themselves are also 100 % recyclable. You will see they have an insulating layer that keeps roots cool in summer and warmer in winter. Furthermore, they are frost- and UV-resistant.

You get a sense of the quality of the Capi Nature range in that every planter comes with a 10 year guarantee. You can also use them indoors or outside. It is recommended that a drainage hole is drilled in the case of outdoor use. Available in a range of styles, colours and sizes you can easily find the perfect planter for your space.

Capi Urban

A sleek and stylish range of Capi Planters, the Capi urban selection radiates sophistication and class. With a smooth, matte finish in a  range of styles and sizes you can find the planter to fit your space perfectly. Again, made from recycled materials in an carbon neutral way. You also get the added benefit of knowing that your purchase is eco-friendly.

Ultimately, Capi Planters are the product of style meeting quality coupled with intelligent design and manufacture. You will love your planters and will feel confident in the knowledge that you have bought a long-lasting and gorgeous piece. Whether you use them indoors, outside or on terrace or balcony it is easy to find the perfect planter. Shop our Capi Planters range today and if you need any help or advice contact our friendly team on 01245 422 353 or at [email protected]

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Showing all 11 results