Clayfibre Planters

Our stylish selection of Clayfibre Planters are perfect for adding a subtle touch of class to your garden design. With every piece radiating subdued sophistication, these stunning planters fit perfectly into a range of outdoor arrangements from both more traditional to the more contemporary styles.

What is Clayfibre?

Clayfibre, also known as Fibre Clay or Sand Fibre is a fantastic material, perfect for planter manufacture. Clayfibre Planters are made in a specially designed mould with a mixture of mesh, resin and clay which is combined to give an incredibly strong material that remains lightweight particularly in comparison to full clay or stone equivalents. The fact that the these pots are made in a mould means that there can be great flexibility in design and thickness when using Clayfibre. Clayfibre itself is naturally weather-resistant and durable and combining these features with the low weight means it is the ideal material to make a stylish and functional garden planter. What’s more, fabricating planters from Clayfibre requires relatively little energy and they can also be made with waste materials from other manufacturing processes making these some of the most environmentally friendly planters on the market.

Versatile Style

FloraSelect’s Clayfibre Planters come in a range of styles letting you tailor your garden design to whichever aesthetic you choose. With the classically designed trough and cube options you can create a grand looking set-up with ease using the planters to line a decking area or create a gorgeous raised bed underneath a window. Alternatively, using the Ribbed Planters can give a more contemporary look, particularly if you combine multiple planters in different sizes, the height variation helping to lift what can otherwise be a flat landscape in a modern garden.

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Showing all 5 results