Corten Steel Planters

Corten Steel Planters bring authentic, industrial chic to your garden or outdoor space. The orange to brown shades, provided by the weathering-quality of your Corten planters, allow them to fit in seamlessly with a traditional, industrial or rustic style of garden. The benefits of a Corten planter box or other types of Adezz Corten Steel garden planters are not merely aesthetic; by investing in a Corten steel trough planter or any of our other Corten products, you’re gaining a durable and robust container that’s long lasting.

Once the weathering has occurred, you’ll be left with a protective outer layer that will prevent further rusting safeguarding the steel underneath of your Corten steel planters. Due to the tough exterior of the steel, your new planters will be able to handle extreme weather conditions without the need for ongoing maintenance. This makes them a convenient option when planning the longevity of your garden design.

Considerations for Your Adezz Corten Steel Planters

A number of important things to note with the Adezz Corten Steel Planters are as follows:

There is a process of weathering that can take between 3 and 9 months to occur. It is during this period that the Corten steel forms a protective coating as it rusts – changing the colour from raw steel to a rusted finish. Throughout the weathering stage, there is a liquid ‘run off’ that continues to a lesser extent, long after the weathering process has ended. Please bear in mind when thinking about purchasing a Corten steel product, the ‘run off’ is a by-product of the protective rusting that occurs, and it may stain some materials that it comes into contact with, like stone or concrete.

The Appeal Of Your Corten Planters

The vibrant colour of Corten steel, makes it unique for a number of placings and applications. Firstly, for traditional designs, a fully weathered Corten steel garden planter might look like one of the original fittings of an aged design.

As for more modern design schemes, the rusted finish of Corten steel planters provide a distinct industrial feel which is perfect for adding some edginess to what might otherwise be described as a dull, minimalist design. Steampunk is an increasingly popular design niche too, and there are very few sustainable garden lines that you can buy as new to meet this need. We sell the bespoke Corten steel planters in a number of models, from various incarnations of cube planters – that is to say, cubes with feet, low cubes etc, to Corten steel planter boxes, towers, troughs and a few rounded columns.

Using Corten Steel Planters In Your Garden Design

Adezz Corten steel planters are best used to achieve harmony in your garden design. The orange shades of your planters are a great way to add balance to the luscious green shades of your plants. They also blend in perfectly with other eye-catching focal points in your garden such as stone statues, fences, reclaimed wood and a variety of other materials whether you’re looking to achieve a desert vibe, or a rustic Italian garden. When looking at the layout of your outdoor areas, your planters are a useful way to add structure to your layout. With careful placement of your Corten planters, you can create a natural boundary between a lawn and a path or driveway.

Between the extensive different styles we offer, you should be able to find what you are looking for, but if you have any queries about our product range, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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Showing 1–20 of 23 results