Fibreglass Planters

Are you looking for the perfect selection of planters for your home and garden? Our fibreglass planters and garden pots are just what you’re looking for. With a professional design to suit any style or setting, you’ll find our fibreglass planters add a sophisticated touch to your interior or exterior. Bespoke fibreglass planters are available on large orders.

Why Choose Fibreglass Trough Planters?

Fibreglass has increasingly become the preferred choice of landscapers and gardeners for external and internal use within homes and businesses. As an incredibly versatile material, fibreglass is the perfect choice for manufacturing plant troughs and other containers. This material is resilient and durable, which are both essential features when considering our large fibreglass planters UK range for your selection of containers.

Fibreglass is a highly dynamic mixture of glass-fibre matting and plastic polymers, allowing for some distinct advantages over traditional materials, with fewer trade-offs. For one thing, fibreglass planters are lightweight (when compared to materials like stone) whose strength and robustness rivals, and in some cases surpasses many metals. This makes them easier to carry and reposition which is important if you wish to change your layout or move your plants in and out as required.

Bespoke Fibreglass Planters Throughout The Seasons

If you intend to locate a fibreglass trough planter outside all year-round, then you couldn’t choose a better material to cope with strong weather conditions. In fact, fibreglass is one of the few types of planter material that can withstand the high temperatures of summer, but still perform just as well in freezing conditions during the winter.

When you browse our large fibreglass planters UK range, you can be assured that the colour of your container won’t fade during strong sunlight, as this material is incredibly UV resistant. Instead of keeping your fibreglass planters in the shade, which may not be the best location for your plants to thrive, you don’t need to worry about the heat cracking the fibreglass either.

During winter, plastic pots can fare badly, but if you choose to invest in fibreglass planters, then you’ll enjoy peace of mind that they won’t suffer any damage when hit by continuous downpours, strong winds or snow. Whatever the weather, your fibreglass planters will serve you throughout the entire year and require almost zero maintenance. If you wish to wipe them down, you can just use a damp cloth and they’ll be good as new. As you won’t need to replace them every year, your bespoke fibreglass planters are an incredible investment!

Choosing Your Bespoke Fibreglass Planters

We offer a wide range of fibreglass trough planter designs in this material, all of which are weather and UV resistant. Our planters are also incredibly stylish yet won’t detract from the beauty of your plants. Whether you’re looking for a tall trough fibreglass planter or a small cube planter, you’ll find the perfect container to suit your needs when you browse our large fibreglass planters UK range.

If you have any queries at all about our product range, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team here at FloraSelect today!

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Showing 1–20 of 105 results