Fibreglass Garden Planters

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  • Oakleaf Window Box in Terracotta 61x23x24 cm1

    Oakleaf Window Box

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  • Bowl Planter5 scaled

    Geo Bowl Planter

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  • Fibreglass Ceder Planter by Adezz

    Fibreglass Ceder Low Bowl Planters by Adezz

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  • Swag Window Box2

    Swag Window Box

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  • Ivy Pot Fibreglass Planter

    Ivy Pot

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  • Garland Pot1

    Garland Pot

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  • Matte Grey Round Fibreglass Planters

    Matte Grey Round | Fibreglass Planter

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  • Adam Style Box Fibrelass Planter Alt

    Adam Box Planter

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  • Norman Planter in Corten Steel Three Sizes1

    Norman Planter

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  • Fibreglass Barrier Planter Glossy Black

    Glossy Black Barrier Fibreglass Planter

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  • Beehive Urn Fibreglass Planter

    Beehive Urn

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  • Trafalgar Cube Planter in Faux Lead

    Trafalgar Cube Planter

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  • Gloss Grey Tower Fibreglass Planter

    Glossy Grey Tower | Fibreglass Planter

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  • Wheatsheaf Window Box in Bronzage1

    Wheatsheaf Window Box

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  • Oakleaf Trough

    Oakleaf Trough Planter

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  • Geo Trough Planter1

    Geo Trough Planter

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Showing 49–64 of 137 results

Why Choose Fibreglass Planters?

There are several distinct advantages to choosing fibreglass planters. 

Firstly, fibreglass is lightweight and easy to move around. By their very nature, fibreglass planters and troughs have incredible strength while retaining a low weight. This is due to the mesh structure within the fibreglass, which helps reinforce the planter’s shape. They can easily be placed anywhere in your garden landscape, helping you create an effortlessly good garden design. It also means that the planters are easy to move, so if you want to change up your placement over time, you can rearrange your fibreglass planter setup without much difficulty.

Secondly, fibreglass offers superior weather and UV resistance, perfect for your garden all year round. Fibreglass planters are long-lived and do not degrade in harsh weather conditions in the UK winter and further afield.

Finally, fibreglass offers unrivalled intricacy of design. This material can be shaped to create truly unique planter designs. So whether you’re after cube, trough, round or tower planters, fibreglass can do it all. 

Timeless Style

FloraSelect offers a huge range of fibreglass planters in a multitude of colours and styles. A timeless material, our fibreglass range offers a selection of contemporary and traditional designs.

On the more contemporary side, you can choose from a large selection of monochromatic planters available in both matte and gloss. These modern planters are available in an array of styles including fibreglass troughs, barriers, cubes, columns or vases as well as window boxes. We love the Fibreglass Buxus Trough Planter, a modern, yet versatile piece that adds sophistication to any outdoor space.

If you are looking for more traditional fibreglass planters to perhaps match a cottage garden design, then take a look at our Terracotta and Lead inspired planters – beautifully crafted to emulate the beautiful natural qualities of terracotta and lead.

Shop fibreglass planters

Shop our fibreglass garden planter range today. If you would like any help, assistance or further details about any of our fibreglass planters then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team now on 01245 422 353 or [email protected].