Fibreglass Garden Planters

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  • Sussex Urn Fibreglass Planter

    Sussex Urn

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  • Sparta Urn Fibreglass Planter

    Mediterranean Urn

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  • Windsor Trough Planter in White 91x38x38 cm1

    Windsor Trough Planter

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  • Windsor Box Planter in White

    Windsor Box Planter

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  • Victorian Trough Planter in Faux Lead 51x25x25 cm1

    Victorian Trough Planter 51x25x25cm

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  • Geo Vase in Textured Bronze Three Sizes2

    Geo Vase Planter

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  • Twister Planter Three Sizes Textured Aluminium

    Twister Planter

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  • Trafalgar Round Planter in Faux Lead1

    Trafalgar Round Planter

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  • Trafalgar Cube Planter in Faux Lead

    Trafalgar Cube Planter

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  • Sloane Trough Planter in White2

    Sloane Trough Planter

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  • Geo Tower Planter in Textured Aluminium

    Geo Tower Planter

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  • Shallow Bowl Planter in Textured Faux Lead1

    Shallow Bowl Planter

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  • Saxon Tapered Trough Planter in Beaten Copper2

    Saxon Tapered Trough Planter

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  • Saxon Tapered Planter in Beaten Copper scaled

    Saxon Tapered Planter

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  • Provencal Window Box in Beaten Copper1

    Provencal Window Box

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  • Provencal Trough in Beaten Copper

    Provencal Trough Planter

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Showing 97–112 of 138 results