Fibreglass Garden Planters

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  • Fibreglass Carrez Cube Planters with Wheels by Adezz 70x70x70cm

    Fibreglass Carrez Cube Planters with Wheels by Adezz

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  • Geo Classic Planter 1

    Geo Classic Fibreglass Planter

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  • Windsor Box Planter in White

    Windsor Box Planter

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  • Victorian Trough Planter in Faux Lead 51x25x25 cm1

    Victorian Trough Planter 51x25x25cm

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  • Sloane Trough Planter in White2

    Sloane Trough Planter

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  • Geo Tower Planter in Textured Aluminium

    Geo Tower Planter

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  • Saxon Tapered Planter in Beaten Copper scaled

    Saxon Tapered Planter

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  • Provencal Window Box in Beaten Copper1

    Provencal Window Box

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  • Provencal Trough in Beaten Copper

    Provencal Trough Planter

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  • Pall Mall Window Box in Antique Brass1

    Pall Mall Window Box

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  • Pall Mall Box Planter in Antique Brass

    Pall Mall Box Planter

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  • Lattice Planter in Terracotta1

    Lattice Planter

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  • Hampton Trough Planter in Faux Lead Lifestyle1

    Hampton Trough Planter

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  • Dolly Round Planter 2

    Dolly Round Planter

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  • Citrus Round Planter Terracotta1

    Citrus Round Planter

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  • Botticelli Bowl Antique Brass1

    Botticelli Bowl Planter

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Showing 113–128 of 140 results

Why Choose Fibreglass Outdoor Planters?

The key benefits of planters made from fibreglass are that they are incredibly lightweight, weather resistant and adaptable for any design.

Fibreglass is a very strong material while retaining a low weight. This is due to the mesh structure within the fibreglass, which helps reinforce the planter’s shape without adding additional weight. This lightweight aspect means when empty, they can be easily moved around. The planters can be placed anywhere in your garden landscape, helping you create a flawless garden design. This can also be helpful if you need to move plants to give them more sun, protect them from wind or give them more shade in hotter months. Their versatility is great for many gardeners.

Secondly, fibreglass offers superior weather and UV resistance. The combination of materials that create fibreglass ensures your planters are durable and long-lived. They will not degrade in harsh weather conditions and are perfect for use all year round.

Our range of Fibreglass planters

Fibreglass is a versatile material that can be adapted for use in countless designs. All you have to do is browse our extensive range of planters to see this versatility on display. We’ve got every shape and size you could need. From classic square fibreglass planters to contemporary shapes. Our selection covers small pots and bowls through to large fibreglass planters and troughs. You’ll find endless colour and style options, including glossy white, matt grey, terracotta, stone look, wood effect and faux metal. Not to mention surface detailing from solid panels through to textured facades and decorative motifs.

Our colourful and varied collection of fibreglass planters has everything to transform your terrace, balcony or garden space into an urban plant oasis. There are no rules when it comes to your contemporary design. Explore the collection and find the perfect plant pots and containers for your home.

Want to Buy Fibreglass Planters but have a Question?

Fibreglass is the ultimate versatile planter material. They are one of the best garden planter options on the market, which is why our collection is so extensive. Our friendly team will also help with any queries you have about the product, delivery or payments. Don’t hesitate to contact our team now online or call us at 01245 422 353 or email [email protected].