Hardwood Planters

Our stunning range of hardwood planters combines a contemporary design with a natural look, bringing warmth and beauty to your space. Hardwood planters are carefully crafted from hardwood timbers which have their own unique benefits and style, different to other garden planters such as steel, fibreglass and aluminium. Hardwood garden planters offer the keen gardener significant benefits with their robust and durable features. Our range of planter boxes and troughs offer many configurations and display options.

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  • Valencia Cube Adezz Hardwood Planter Alt 1

    Valencia Cube Hardwood Planter by Adezz

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  • Hardwood Carrez Cube Planter by Adezz 2

    Hardwood Carrez Trough Planters By Adezz

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  • Valencia Trough Adezz Hardwood Planter 200x50x60cm

    Valencia Trough Adezz Hardwood Planter

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  • Hardwood Carrez Cube Planter by Adezz

    Hardwood Carrez Cube Planters by Adezz

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  • Bamboo Bandu Cube Planter by Adezz 120x120x85cm

    Bamboo Bandu Cube Planter by Adezz

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  • ADEZZ hardwood planter 1

    Hardwood Malaga Rhombus Planter by Adezz

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  • Hardwood Tap Tapered Planter by Adezz 2

    Hardwood Tap Tapered Planters by Adezz

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Garden Planters Crafted From Tropical Hardwood Timber

The hardwood planters in our selection are crafted from a range of radiant tropical wood. Popular for their unique colours and grains, these planters display the natural charm of the wood. Sourced sustainably from parts of Southeast Asia and South America, our planters are made from Balau and Garapa. If left untreated, they will naturally change colour over time, ageing to a silver hue. Alternatively, they can be painted or varnished.

Hardwood Timber Planters Designed to Last

All of our hardwood planters have the highest durability grade of 1. The planters’ superior construction gives them their strength. As with all our planters, we only choose from the best producers who create high-quality, FSC-certified wood. Each hardwood planter is lined with an anti-root fabric.

Hardwood Planters In Any Style or Size

We offer a wide selection of planters in many styles and sizes so you can get precisely what you need. Whatever the size of your garden, there is an option for you. Whether you have a compact space or wide open layout, we offer different design styles for our hardwood planters.

Hardwood Planters for Commercial Spaces

If you are looking for an affordable way to brighten up an outdoor area for your commercial property or business, we offer a fantastic service for all your business needs. Hardwood planters are durable, weather-resistant and affordable, the perfect combination to smarten up an entryway, outdoor seating area or community space. Our planters are superb for indoor or outdoor areas, creating curb appeal.

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