Hardwood Planters

Hardwood Planters give a classic and natural look in any garden. These gorgeous planters have been beautifully constructed with the utmost attention to detail to give a stunning planters that radiate quality, perfect for all outdoor spaces no matter the size.

Wooden Wonder

All of our Hardwood Planters are made from tropical hardwood which has a range of advantages including environmental sustainability and a warm finish. The hardwood used for all of our planters is in durability class 2 meaning they do not need any further treatment. If you don’t treat your planter it will age naturally, slowly deepening in colour the final finish of which depends on the harshness of the conditions and strength of UV light. Once you receive your planter you can choose to treat if further if you would prefer to slow the ageing process or preserve the initial colour of the planters for longer. A Hardwood Planter can really set off a garden without making a dramatic statement as the natural wood tones blend beautifully with all types of foliage and flowers.

Natural Style

FloraSelect offers a large range of Hardwood Planters in a wide variety of sizes. With cube, trough and tapered designs it is easy to find the perfect piece to fit any location. Each planter is crafter with care using wooden slats secured with stainless steel fasteners. The sides are then lined with EPDM and the base with an anti-root fabric. These features ensure the longevity of these planters with each one coming with a five year warranty.

If you need any help or assistance with our Hardwood Planters, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01245 422 353 or on [email protected] for further details.

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Showing all 5 results