Large Planters

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  • Fibreglass Ceder Planter by Adezz

    Fibreglass Ceder Low Bowl Planters by Adezz

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  • Bocca Lifestyle1

    Corten Steel Bocca Planting Bowl

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  • Ivy Pot Fibreglass Planter

    Ivy Pot

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  • Fibreglass Barrier Planter Glossy Black

    Glossy Black Barrier Fibreglass Planter

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  • Beehive Urn Fibreglass Planter

    Beehive Urn

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  • Geo Trough Planter1

    Geo Trough Planter

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  • Capi Urban Tower Planter Lifestyle1

    Capi Urban Tower Planter

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  • Fibreglass Carrez Glossy Cube Planter by Adezz

    Fibreglass Glossy Carrez Trough Planters by Adezz

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  • Valencia Cube Adezz Hardwood Planter Alt 1

    Valencia Cube Hardwood Planter by Adezz

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  • Twister Planter Three Sizes Textured Aluminium

    Twister Planter

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  • Geo Tapered Column Planter Four Sizes1

    Geo Tapered Column Planter

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  • Titan Pot Large Fibreglass Planter

    Large Ring Pot

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  • Trafalgar Round Planter in Faux Lead1

    Trafalgar Round Planter

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  • Geo Cube Planter 4

    Geo Cube Planter

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  • Cromwell AFL with geraniums & box ball

    Cromwell Cube Planter

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  • Malva Bowl by Adezz

    Malva Closed Bowl | Adezz Fibreglass Planter

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Showing 33–48 of 93 results

Large Planters for Bold Designs

We have a fantastic range of large garden planters for bold designs. Firstly, we offer a comprehensive range of shapes and dimensions. Our range includes classic circular, square and rectangular forms, all in large sizes. We offer more unusual formats such as bowl planters, tower planters, window box rectangles and contemporary trough designs. We also have a stunning range of traditional earthenware pots for lovers of country gardens and Mediterranean spaces.

Our planters come in some incredible sizes, ranging from 60cm to 220+ cm. Most product collections feature a variety of sizes, allowing you to mix and match and create a landscape of complementary planters across your space. Our extensive planter collection also features a vast selection of finishes and colours for every style. We offer classic terracotta plant pots, modern glossy fibreglass, stylish grey stoneware, rustic ceramic, glazed urns and tropical hardwoods. Whatever your style, we have large planters for your space.

Outdoor Planters Built to Last

All materials are chosen for their stunning design appeal, as well as their practical application in your garden. We choose planters that are made from durable materials and crafted with strength in mind. Weather resistance is important when selecting garden planters, so we look for planters that can withstand the elements and last the test of time. Whether you need troughs for large shrubs, trees and bamboo, ceramic pots for plants or ornamental pots for your patio or balcony, we offer one of the best selections of planters in the UK.


FAQS about Large Flower Plant Pots & Planters

When you buy garden planters and pots from us, you can do so with complete confidence. With secure payment on all orders and a considerable selection to choose from, shop for garden pots and planters at FloraSelect. If you need any assistance or advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team for more details. Call us at 01245 422 353 or email [email protected] to speak to one of our team. We specialise in planters and accessories and have comprehensive stylish garden design and landscaping knowledge. If you’re looking for commercial indoor plant pots and ornamental planters, we can help with that too. Or carry on reading for some top tips on giant planters in our FAQ section, or visit our general FAQ section for all things related to ordering with us.

Cost-effective ways to fill a large planter

We have some advice if you love the look of a huge planter but are unsure how to fill it. First, let’s look at how you might fill the planter up quickly and cheaply. Compost can be expensive, and the cost can rack up when you are filling a significant space. You can fill your container for free or for next to nothing in numerous ways. Sticks, branches and dead leaves can help build a great filling base. This method is a German technique called Hügelkultur. Hügelkultur, meaning mound bed or mound culture, is a horticultural practice where a mound is made from decaying wood debris. While it’s traditionally a free-standing mound, you can apply the same principle to a box or pot planter. If you are still unsure on how to fill your planter- have a look at our blog.

 What do you put in a larger outdoor pot?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what to put in your planter. First, consider whether you want to grow trees, shrubs, bamboo or flowers and vegetables. You can make a really productive space when you have a bigger planter.  Small trees such as dwarf conifer or apple trees elevate a garden and are suitable for growing in large planters. Topiary plants of privet, bay or yew can fill up large planters and are ideal for lining an archway. If you are looking to use large planters to outline a space or create more privacy, planting bamboo creates natural privacy screens. You can also underplant your large shrubs and trees, with low grade perennials, alpines or bulbs. Select plants that bloom each season, or simply swap out bulbs at the right time to see your outdoor plant pots blossom all year long.

If you want to grow veg in your pots and planters, creating a planting schedule for the growing season can help you stay organised. Companion planting is the way to go, choosing vegetables, fruits and herbs that complement each other. Think about the height and width of the plant once it is ready to harvest so you don’t overcrowd it. Choosing produce that can bring colour as well as delicious food to your garden can be incredibly rewarding.

Should you add drainage to the bottom of the planter?

Adding materials to the bottom of your planter, such as pea shingle or Leca (lightweight expanded clay aggregate), will improve the drainage of your planter and therefore the health of your plant overall. We also recommend using waste polystyrene broken into smallish pieces, as this is a useful way of recycling.

What is a good planter size?

There are several key things to consider when choosing the right planter size for your garden. You need to consider what you are planting in the pot, where it is going to be located in your space and whether you need to move it in the future.