Natural Planters

FloraSelect’s range of Natural Planters celebrate the beauty of nature with inspired designs and materials. With a large variety of designs and sizes available, it is easy to find beautiful Natural Planters to suit your design style.


Our Natural Planters are fabricated with a fibreglass or polystone inner then finished by hand with a variety of natural materials. With options ranging from mother of pearl to banana bark, our gorgeous planters will be a unique addition to any space. The exquisite finish on these planters mean they are suited to indoor use only and can be used for indoor plants or as decorative pieces.

Inspired by the Sea

Our Shell Planter range is finished with angular mother of pear segments which are a by-product of the pearl industry. With each mother of pearl section having a unique shape and size, the Shell Planters are fabricated and finished with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that the final product has been seamlessly perfected. The huge range of sizes and shapes available in the Shell Planter range means that you can choose a selection of planters to have a beautiful and harmonious design concept running through your space.

Sticking with the Sea-themed range, FloraSelect offers a gorgeous selection of Beach Planters. With a sturdy fibreglass inner, these planters are then hand-finished with real limpet shells to create a stunning planter reminiscent of holidays at the seaside. These stunning Beach Planters will let you bring the Sea into your home or office, inspiring thoughts of sun and sand whenever you see them.

Best of Banana

The Banana Bark Planter selection begins with a high-quality fibreglass inner which is then decorated with banana bark strips and lacquered to give a sleek finish with an exquisite asymmetric striped pattern underneath. The beauty of these Banana Bark Planters cannot be championed enough, with warmer mahogany tones and lighter tawny hues intermingling to create a timeless finish.

Wooden Wonder

FloraSelect offers a range of Lacquered Wicker Planters which are a beautiful addition to any modern design scheme. Set over a fibreglass inner then set with wicker rounds and lacquered to give a polished ringed finish with alternating wood hues. Incredibly stylish, with a beautiful colour palette each planter is unique and will be a gorgeous addition to domestic or commercial settings.

The Natural Planter collection is full of stunning planters that are each works of art in their own right. The items are handmade meaning each piece is unique creating an individual sense of style. Throughout the natural world there is so much beauty so brining a small part of that into your home or office will elevate the space and create a stunning design focal point for you to work from. Every item is high-quality and made with care to ensure that you receive a luxurious planter that brings beauty and class into your space. There are large range of sizes and designs available making it each to find the perfect piece to match your design area.

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Showing all 14 results