Powder Coated Steel Planters

These planters are fabricated from welded mild steel and although the standard colours are anthracite grey and jet black, they are also available in a wide variety of RAL colours either a textured or smooth semi-gloss colour finish.

Powder coated steel planters are versatile in their design, as well as being strong and weather resistant. They can be used in a variety of places, for example, commercial locations such as offices and restaurants, as well as outdoor use in gardens, terraces and balconies. Therefore, they are a fantastic option for a planter and can cater to meet your requirements.

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  • Black_Powder Coated Steel Trough

    Powder Coated Steel Trough Planters

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  • Powder Coated Cube Planter Black

    Powder Coated Steel Cube Planters

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  • Powder Coated Steel Carrez Flat Pack Cube Planters by Adezz 120x120x80cm

    Powder Coated Steel Carrez Flat Pack Cube Planters by Adezz

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  • Aluminium Bocca Planting Bowl by Adezz

    Steel Powder Coated Bocca Planting Bowl by Adezz

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How Are Powder Coated Steel Planters Created?

Powder coated planters are created by laser cutting steel sheets into a range of sizes to meet the desired requirement. The sheets of steel are then cut and bent. Once fabrication is completed, the planter is zinc electroplated, which creates long lasting protection.   Following this, the planter  is then baked in a kiln at 200˚C so the colour adheres to the steel. When the planter is removed from the oven it will cool down leaving a hard surface.

The Best Shape \ Size Powder Coated Steel Planters

Our hard-wearing powder-coated finish steel planters come in a choice of troughs or cubes, you can choose your exact specification with a large number of size options, colour customisation and 2 durable finishes. We also offer bespoke sizing.

If you require any assistance with choosing the best powder-coated steel planter for your needs, please contact our customer services team who are always happy to help.