Terracotta Planters

Tradition and quality go hand in hand at FloraSelect, and this is no different for our handmade terracotta planters. These planters have a traditional appearance and are made from baked clay, meaning air and water can pass through the walls of the pot to encourage healthy plant growth. 

Terracotta planters are the ideal accessory for those wanting to add authenticity and luxury to their garden, it’s no wonder they’ve been a firm favourite among gardeners for so many years. 

Terracotta Planters Designs 

There’s a range of terracotta planters available in different colours and finishes. The warm orange shade of these planters compliment the natural hues of the garden and enhance the greens and browns from plants and foliage whilst blending into the outdoor space. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a bold accessory for your garden, we have terracotta planters available with a coloured finish. The Atlantis range has a coating which is designed to give an aged appearance as if they have been under the sea for many years. These pots work well in environments with water present, such as close to ponds or by water features.

What’s more, there’s a range of shapes and sizes available, including cylinders, urns, vases, square planters, jugs and more. 

Browse all terracotta planters for sale below and order yours online. 

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Showing all 10 results