Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor placement and offer not only an array of colour but also generate a traditional warm Mediterranean feel to any space.

Terracotta translates from the Italian (Tuscan) word terra-cotta meaning ‘baked earth’ and is predominantly made up of coarse porous clay After it is fired at a high temperature, it develops a red-orange colour and can then be glazed.

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  • Atlantis Urn Ceramic Planter

    Atlantis Urn | Ceramic Planter

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  • Large Atlantis Earthenware Urn

    Large Atlantis Earthenware Urn Planter 54x68cm

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  • Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Plato Ceramic Planter

    Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Planter 17x75cm

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  • Atlantis Wine Jug2

    Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Wine Jug Urn Planter – Socrates

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  • Atlantis Jade Urn

    Atlantis Jade Terracotta Urn 38x79cm

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  • Black Clay Pot

    Black Clay Pot 88x90cm

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  • Green-Blue Glazed Planter

    Green-Blue Glazed Planter 63x80cm

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  • Atlantis Cobalt Blue Planter 3

    Atlantis Cobalt Blue Planter 66x102cm

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  • Atlantis Jade Ribbed Planter 54x83cm

    Atlantis Jade Ribbed Terracotta Planter 54x83cm

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  • Opal Blue Dimpled Pot 65x80cm

    Opal Blue Glazed Dimpled Pot 65x80cm

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  • Turquoise Glazed Banded Pot 70x80cm

    Turquoise Glazed Banded Pot 70x80cm

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  • Green-Blue Ribbed Pot 60x77cm

    Green-Blue Ribbed Glazed Pot 60x77cm

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  • Ox Blood Glazed Pot 55x95cm

    Ox Blood Glazed Pot 55x95cm

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  • Atlantis Cream Tapered Pot 58x95cm

    Atlantis Cream Tapered Pot 58x95cm

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  • Atlantis Rust Planter

    Atlantis Rust Tall Urn 60x120cm

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  • Atlantis White Round Pot

    Atlantis White Round Pot 60x72cm

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Showing all 16 results

Terracotta is a sturdy and durable pot material, making it perfect for holding soil and plants. We have a collection of various shapes, including round, rectangular, and urn-shaped. They are also available in different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, making them ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor plants and even larger shrubs such as olive trees.

Due to terracotta being porous, they are a perfect water garden pot and offer an easy way to enhance a pond or fountain environment.

Terracotta can also absorb water, this means they can easily regulate soil moisture levels, making them an excellent option for herbs and succulents.

Furthermore, these clay pots are affordable, easy to maintain, have excellent drainage and are frost resistant, they can be cleaned with soap and water and require minimum upkeep to maintain good condition.

Whether you use them for standard decorative \ display purposes or to grow plants, terracotta pots tend to add a natural and rustic style that will compliment your garden space.

Our Terracotta Planter Product Range

Our range of high quality terracotta products are available in the Atlantis range, which are designed to give an aged unique appearance as if they have been under the sea for many years. We also offer a selection of premium glazed terracotta planters.

From a size and shape perspective, we offer mainly classic round designs, all of which are handmade and come in a variety of colours.

Choosing Your Terracotta Planter

Whether you are an experienced gardener with an established large terracotta garden or you are just starting out with your first terracotta plant pot, you are certain to find something that catches your eye and we are always on hand to assist you with your choice.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding our extensive range of terracotta products, our customer service team are always happy to assist.