White Planters

Floraselect offers a wide range of luxury white garden planters for your home or garden. If you haven’t included white garden planters in your displays before, you’ll find that they make incredibly appealing focal points. White contrasts naturally with any type of arrangement you wish to include within your white planter. Whether it is to accommodate bright, vivid flowers or green foliage, the white tone of your planter will look spectacularly stylish. They also complement the blue hues from water environments such as ponds and water features and will work well within any type of design scheme.

Types of White Garden Planters

Our versatile white planter selection would add balance to your home, garden or place of business. Flora Select offers white garden planters in all shapes and sizes to suit your décor. We have in stock a variety of cubed, window or round planters starting from just £29.99. You might opt for a tall white planter or a white trough planter in different materials, all with high-quality finishes, matte and gloss including; Polystone, Fibreglass and Zinc. Your choice of white planter will be dependent on where you wish to keep it, how often you wish to move it, as well as whether you’re aiming for a rustic, traditional or modern vibe.

Indoor Use of Your White Planter

If you’re hoping to include your white planter within your interior design, this is a popular choice. The colour of your white planter will add an element of light into the garden or home which provides the illusion of space. Whether you’re hoping to include a tall white planter to brighten up an otherwise dreary corner, or else position a large white planter as a focal point, they’re certain to become a defining feature of your interior. Your planters will certainly brighten a room and give the impression that it is airier. White garden planters fit well in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants and apartment lobbies, as well as residential spaces too.

If you have any questions at all about our white planter range, then please get in touch with our friendly customer service team at Flora Select. We are happy to offer you advice on the type or size of white garden planters you may wish to use. We are also able to pre-plant your white planter on request, and send it out ready planted and expertly wrapped. Get in touch on 01245 422 353 today.

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Showing 1–16 of 23 results