Zinc Planters

Our huge range of zinc garden planters makes it easy for you to find the perfect piece for your home. You can choose from a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, all of which are perfect for giving any space a modern look. 

Zinc Planter Options

Like all of the planters for sale at FloraSelect, there’s a huge range of options in choosing the perfect zinc plant pot. If you wish to use a zinc planter for indoor use, just request no drainage holes when you order. What’s more, the colour options include black, white and grey so you can mix and match shapes and sizes to create a gorgeous themed arrangement.

Just some of the designs available include:

  • Zinc trough planters
  • Zinc cube planters
  • Tall zinc tower planters
  • Zinc window boxes
  • Round zinc planters 
  • Zinc planters with feet  

You’ll notice that all of these zinc plant pots have a modern feel thanks to the simple yet elegant designs and clean edges, ideal for any contemporary set-up. 

Electroplated Zinc Planters

Our zinc planters are produced using zinc sheeting for a lightweight, yet durable planter. These characteristics make zinc planters and pots ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing them to be moved around with ease to organise your space. 

Our zinc planters are also powder coated to gain the colour and finish you desire. The powder coating process involves coating the metal in a dry, free-flowing powder and then setting under heat or an ultraviolet light. Powder coating is more resistant to chipping, scratching and other wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for planters exposed to the elements. 

Ready to Plant

Zinc garden planters can be used for a variety of planting. Tall zinc planters add height to your garden, whereas zinc trough planters provide the ability to add colour to a large area. Some planting ideas include herbs for your very own supply, trailing geraniums for colour or hydrangeas if you want a stunning shrub. 

Browse all zinc planters for sale below, but if you need any help deciding, contact FloraSelect

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Showing all 16 results