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Atlantis Ceramic Pots And Planters

Inspired by Hellenic Civilisation

Fallen from grace with the gods of Olympus, the people of Atlantis were visited by a cataclysm that caused their entire civilisation to be swallowed up by the sea. Now at Flora Select we are selling a fantastic range of Atlantean planters. Inspired by stories of the great Hellenic civilisation, these planters are designed to look as though they have been recovered from the ruins of Atlantis.

Invented by Plato as an allegory on the hubris of nations and an endorsement of his own theories on the perfect state laid out in "The Republic" - the lost city of Atlantis has captured hearts, minds and imaginations for hundreds of years. Lost relics made by Poseidon's chosen people; these planters are the ultimate ornamental garden pieces.
There has been a great deal of debate as to where the lost civilisation of Atlantis may have been located. According to Critias in Plato's work of the same name, Atlantis was located beyond the Pillars of Hercules which would place it in the rough vicinity of the Azores. Others have speculated that the size of the island and the age of the civilisation in stadia and years respectively has been mistranslated from hundreds to thousands. This would mean that instead of being the size of Libya and Asia Minor combined, Atlantis would be about the size of Crete. Furthermore, instead existing 9000 years before Plato, Atlantis would have been in its prime only 900 years earlier - with the exception of the location cited as being beyond the pillars of Hercules, this would mark the Minoan civilisation as a possible candidate.

In almost every civilisation all the way back to when mankind transitioned from hunting and gathering to farming, ceramics have held an important place in cultural craft. These fantastic ceramic pots themed after the lost civilisation of Atlantis will make a fantastic addition to any rustic garden design. Or use them as accents to highlight a modern minimalist design, either in the home or outside in the garden to give it something extra special. Making these pots is just as much a skilled endeavour today as it was thousands of years in the past.

Unique Plant Pots for Your Garden
Unlike a lot of pots that you might find at a garden centre, these pots are unique in their versatility of application. These aren't your standard garden pots, rather because of their unique appearance and the mysterious legacy they subtly hint at, they start to bridge the gap between practicality and art. Many pots are just there to hold the plants that are planted in them whereas this Atlantean range can also hold its ground as "The Main Event".

You never know, these pots may themselves inspire a whole garden design. Why not recreate a piece of the Hellenic golden age with a Mediterranean themed olive garden. Plant up some Olive and Fig trees, build an arbour for your grapes and before you know it you could be sitting in your own private Atlantis. These planters are lovingly handcrafted and aged to fit with the picture painted by Plato. A picture that you can now be part of.

Atlantis Urn Ceramic Planter

Atlantis Urn | Ceramic Planter

Price From: £199.99
Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Critias Ceramic Planter

Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Planter – Critias

Price From: £39.99
Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Plato Ceramic Planter

Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Amphora Urn Planter – Plato

Price From: £89.99
Atlantis Grecian Wine Jug Urn Socrates Ceramic Planter

Ceramic Atlantis Grecian Wine Jug Urn Planter – Socrates

Price From: £39.99
Large Atlantis Urn Ceramic Planter Alt 1_1

Large Atlantis Urn | Ceramic Planter

Price From: £199.99
Large Atlantis Urn Vase Ceramic Planter

Large Atlantis Urn/Vase | Ceramic Planter

Price From: £199.99
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