Adam Window Box

A gorgeous window box with beautiful beaded motifs. Perfect for window ledges and balconies adding a touch of style and class wherever placed.



Adam Window Box

You’ll fall in love with the intricate motifs on our Adam Window Box. With gentle beading running along the length of the planter, you get a classical finish. Furthermore, they are produced in Faux Lead which gives an appealing look to the design. They are made in the ‘Adam Style’ inspired after the famous 18th century architect Robert Adam and his brother James.

Additionally they are produced in fibreglass and are intrinsically coloured. This means if you accidentally damage your planter, scratches and scuffs are only minimally visible. Also, fibreglass is incredibly lightweight which is perfect for window boxes. The Adam Window Box is available in four sizes so you can mix and match to fit any window ledge or balcony space. On top of this, you can pair the Window Box with our Adam Box Planter to carry the classical theme throughout your garden.

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Faux Lead, Bronzage


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