Aluminium Round Vegetable Planters by Adezz

Our Aluminium Round Vegetable Planters are perfect for any garden that would like a variety of vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees planted.


Aluminium Round Vegetable Planters by Adezz

Our fabulous Aluminium Round Vegetable Planters by Adezz are perfect for some spherical definition in your garden. They are well suited for growing vegetables as they are baseless and fabricated from high quality 3mm thick aluminium.  As well as this, they can be used for bordering a tree or shrub as their roots can grow freely without restriction. These aluminium round vegetable planters also allow for free flowing drainage. We would advise potentially putting a layer of cardboard in between your vegetables and the soil underneath to minimise any weeds coming through. Planting in raised beds is perfect for those who cannot bend down as far but still want to grow vegetables. Therefore, we stock a variety of heights to cater for those who may want different depths of planters. The variety of sizes also mean that you can position your planters to look beautiful in pairs or groups, as well as looking great individually.

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