Andes Connect Corten Steel Flat Pack Trough Planter

Our sleek Andes Connect Corten Steel Flat Pack Trough Planters without a base are an ideal addition to any garden to achieve a trendy, upscale look.


Andes Connect Corten Steel Flat Pack Trough Planter

Andes Connect Corten Steel Flat Pack Trough Planters are the perfect self-built addition to any garden. The Flat Pack includes all of the requirements for a fun and easy build with a gorgeous result. Corten Steel is a beautiful metal and one that changes colour over time, from steel to a magnificent orange which is sure to brighten up any garden. The amber colour pairs perfectly with a variety of flowers and green foliage, giving the appearance of well-kept elegance. As well as it’s appearance, Corten Steel has impressive durability, with a 2mm material thickness and double folded top edge. These planters are designed to look fantastic for a long time. Whether you choose to use them for a raised planting area within a border, or to simply showcase your best plants and trees, they are perfectly multifaceted.

Our Flat Pack Trough Planters consist of:

  • Galvanised steel hardware
  • Self-protecting rust finish
  • Reinforcements against deformation
  • 5 year warranty (descending)
  • Without a base

How will your planter weather?

  1. On arrival, your planter will have a dark oily coat, the colour of newly manufactured steel.
  2. The coating will begin to break down as the weathering process begins.
  3. Your planter will produce run off which could potentially stain stone or concrete surfaces that it will come to contact with. This is during the process of changing colour into a deep orange.
  4. Some run off may still occur after 9 months.

Corten Steel is a metal that begins to form a protective patina when the weathering process begins. This patina prevents further rusting that could be caused by weathering. The steel underneath remains intact as the outside layer regenerates as it is exposed to water and oxygen.

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When ordering your Andes Connect Corten Steel Flat Pack Trough Planter you can easily click on the category of your choice and browse through our vast range of planters on offer. Use the full colour pictures and helpful descriptions to help you find the perfect planters for your garden.

Delivery information and costs
Delivery times normally take around 7 working days. The costs are conditional on the size of the product and method of delivery. In most cases the delivery cost is £40-120 which is a customs charge.
Pallet deliveries are kerbside only unless a suitable offload area is available.
If you have any questions regarding delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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