Atlantis White Round Pot 60x72cm


Our Atlantis white round pots emulate the lost city of Atlantis through the bubbly glazed surface, reflective of the sea.  Every pot is unique and has its own incredible patterns that run across the surface.


Atlantis White Round Pot 60x72cm

Inspired by Plato’s ideas of the island of Atlantis, our pots emulate the aquatic colours of the sea. The textured surface of the pot is inspired by the froth of the waves that eventually befell Atlantis. Every pot is unique and has its own incredible patterns that run across the surface. The pots can be planted with large plants, or left as a  fabulous stand alone focal piece for the garden. These large round pots look fantastic in the corners of any garden or even decorating a doorway. Made in Vietnam, using clay to expertly mould these terracotta pots,  handmade and fired within a wood kiln there will be slight variations in finish and colour,  making each pot entirely unique.

Key Features 

  • Size 60x72cm
  • Opening 47cm
  • Strong
  • Weather resistant
  • Made of terracotta

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Delivery Information and Costs 

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg


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