Basket Weave Trough Planter


Our beautifully finished Basket Weave Trough Planter has an intricate design and the added bonus of small feet which really set this planter apart. Size 61x41x33 cm (length x width x height).


Basket Weave Trough Planter

The intricate weave design on this Basket Weave Trough Planter will be perfect in your garden. You’ll love the ornate style and the Faux Lead finish. The woven appearance gives this planter a classic look, perfect for countryside settings and cottage garden. Furthermore, the planter has small feet which give is a unique appearance compared to most other troughs. You can use this to your advantage and fill the trough with trailing plants. Size 61x41x33 cm.

Additionally, the Basket Weave Trough Planter is fabricated from fibreglass. This means the planter is very lightweight. Also, fibreglass is weather-resistant and durable. You can therefore use these planters safely outside for years to come. Another fantastic feature of these planters is the intrinsic colouring. This means that if you accidentally scratch your planter you will have minimal noticeable damage.  You can choose alternative finishes such as Terracotta, please contact us for details.

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