Capi Nature Ribbed Vase Planter

A tall and elegant planter made from recycled materials, perfect for any modern design scheme.


Capi Nature Ribbed Vase Planter

You’ll love the elegant shape of our Capi Nature Ribbed Vase Planter. The vase shape is perfect for tall and slender plants to accentuate the style of the planter. Furthermore, the planter has an insulating layer to keep your plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Another interesting feature is that it is made from recycled materials and is itself 100 % recyclable.

Additionally, our Capi Nature Ribbed Vase Planter is frost- and UV-resistant which makes it far less likely to fracture whatever the weather. You can use it indoors or out but we recommend drilling a drainage hole for use outside. As well as the range of interesting features this planter has, it is also manufactured in a carbon neutral way. If you want to have a theme running through your garden, why not pair it with our Capi Nature Ribbed Round Planter.

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