Capi Nature Ribbed Water Butt

A modern and stylish item to save water and help the planet our Capi Nature Ribbed Water Butt is a fantastic addition to any garden. Size 56×123 cm (diameter x height).


Capi Nature Ribbed Water Butt

You’ll love that our Capi Nature Ribbed Water Butt are where style and practicality meet. Perfect for saving water but with a contemporary design for your garden. Furthermore, this is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable itself. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that is it lightweight, frost- and UV-resistant which explains the 10 year warranty. Adding a Water Butt to your garden is a fantastic way to save water. Also, rain water is healthier for your plants than straight from the hose. With a 130 L capacity and built in debris filter this is a fantastically functional item. It also has space on top for planting. Size 56×123 cm (diameter x height).

As well as this, our Capi Nature Ribbed Water Butt is easy to install and use with a useful stand and tap. You can reduce your home’s carbon footprint in style with this eco-friendly addition to your garden. Another fantastic feature of this Water Butt is that it is fracture-resistant meaning it’ll be safe and happy in your garden for years to come. If you want to continue the Capi theme throughout your garden, why not also choose one of our Capi Nature Ribbed Vase Planters.

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