Capi Nature Row Vase Planter


Our Capi Nature Row Vase Planter is an ideal addition to any modern and stylish home. Size 40x60cm (diameter x height).

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Capi Nature Row Vase Planter

Our Capi Nature Row Vase Planter is tall and elegant, perfect for slender, leafy plants such as Crotons. Additionally, you will be interested to learn that this planter is made from recycled materials. It is also 100% recyclable itself and is made with carbon neutral manufacture. As well as this, it is frost- and UV-resistant and has fantastic strength and durability. You’ll notice that it is lightweight but has an insulating layer inside to keep plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Size 40×60 cm (diameter x height).

Another excellent feature of our Capi Nature Row Vase Planter is that it is fracture-resistant. This helps to give you a 10 year warranty. If you want to create a theme in your garden why not pair it with our Capi Nature Row Round Planter. Furthermore, you can use this planter indoors or out, if using outdoors we recommend drilling a drainage hole.

Key Features 

  • Recycled material and 100 % recyclable
  • Carbon neutral manufacture
  • Insulating layer
  • Frost- and UV-resistant
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Indoor and outdoor use, drill a drainage hole for use outdoors
  • Lightweight and fracture-resistant

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