Copper Mosaic Conical Planters

Our gorgeous Copper Mosaic Conical Planters are hand-finished with copper-coloured glass tiles set over a high-quality fibreglass inner. These items qualify for Free Delivery throughout the UK mainland.



Copper Mosaic Conical Planters

Our eye-catching Copper Mosaic Conical Planters will be a stylish addition to any indoor space. Hand-finished using copper coloured glass expertly laid over a high-quality fibreglass inner to give a unique planter every time. Available in two slender and elegant sizes, it is easy to find the right planter to fit your space. There are also counterweights in the base of these planters to aid with stability when planted up. The gorgeous copper colour of these planters means they are perfectly complimented by a range of deep green flora, a perfect example being White-veined Anthurium, Anthunrium clarinervium which produced stunning dark green, heart-shaped leaves criss-crossed with a complex network of white veins. The reflective quality of the glass tiles set in the Copper Mosaic Conical Planters means they almost appear to shine when they catch the light meaning they are a stunning addition to any indoor area. The unique design of these planters means they are perfect for use as stand-alone pieces, when used in sets or when used in combination with our other Contemporary Planters. These planters qualify for Free Delivery throughout the UK mainland.

  • Free Delivery
  • Indoor use only
  • High-quality, lightweight and durable
  • Fibreglass inner with a Copper coloured glass mosaic outer finish

As well as Copper Mosaic Conical Planters Flora Select offers a wide range of other pots and garden accessories. With the variety of the range that is provided, it is easy to find the perfect piece to suit any design style whether it be modern or traditional, rustic or contemporary you’ll be able to find the items to suit it.

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