Corten Steel Botan Planters by Adezz

These stunning corten steel Botan Planters by Adezz are high-quality and weather-resistant. Fabricated from 3 mm, durable steel as standard, they are perfectly suited to both domestic and commercial applications. The rusty orange hue unique to corten steel makes the Botan Planters by Adezz a striking addition to any outdoor area. The 30 cm feet raise these planters high off the ground creating new levels wherever they are used.


Corten Steel Botan Planters by Adezz

These striking corten steel Botan Planters by Adezz are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space. Made of high-quality, weather-resistant steel, 3 mm thick as standard, these beautiful planters are extremely hard-wearing. The beautiful soft orange colour will develop over time, leaving you with a truly unique piece. Available in four sizes, these stunning planters also have 30 cm feet raising them off the ground giving them a distinguished presence. The size of these corten steel Botan Planters by Adezz make them perfect homes for a wide variety of plants including fruit trees. The corten steel Botan Planters by Adezz come with drainage holes in the bottom which allow water to flow freely out of the base of the piece. Thanks to the breath-taking design of the corten steel Botan Planters by Adezz, they can easily be used as stand alone pieces or in combination with our other corten steel pieces to create an iconic design arrangement. Please see below for links to technical drawings.

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