Corten Steel Carrez Flat Pack Cube Planter by Adezz

Our Corten Steel Carrez Flat Pack Planters by Adezz, coming without a base are fun and easy to assemble, as well as being a stunning addition to your garden.


Corten Steel Carrez Flat Pack Cube Planter by Adezz

Andes Connect Corten Steel Flat Pack Cube Planters can be easily assembled by you, which adds a personal touch to your garden. The flat pack contains everything you need for a smooth and effortless build producing a positive outcome. These impressive planters will turn an iridescent amber colour in time, which adds a touch of glamour to your garden, pairing well with a variety of green foliage. Corten Steel has an upscale industrial look, which can be styled to keep the modern design or adapted to other preferences. It is a durable material and with a 2mm thickness, the Corten Steel Planters will benefit your garden for a long time. They are perfect for a raised planting area within a border due to there lack of a base and will highlight specific areas of your garden. Their sophisticated duality means that the planters can be filled with a whole range of plants from vegetables to trees.

Our Flat Pack Cube Planters consist of:

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