Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Feet by Adezz

These stunning Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Feet by Adezz boast form and function, perfect for any contemporary garden.


Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Feet by Adezz

You’ll love our stylish Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Feet by Adezz. With a range of sizes to choose from, you can easily find the perfect planter to fit your space. Furthermore, if you are looking for something specific, bespoke sizes are available. Most importantly the stand out feature of these planters are the feet. You’ll notice the added elegance as well as the enhanced style with this design. Naturally, trough planters have huge scope. For example, they work equally well if you fill them with bamboo for a natural barrier or with herbs to create a modern industrial chic herb garden. Whatever you choose, these planters will have long-lasting impact whether used alone or in combination with our other Corten Steel Planters.

Key features

  • Self-protecting rust finish over time
  • Drainage holes
  • 90mm feet
  • 2mm thick as standard (up to 10mm bespoke)
  • Made from high-quality Corten Steel
  • Available in bespoke sizes
  • WARNING: During the weather period, run-off can stain adjacent materials
  • All dimensions are listed as length x width x height

Links to selected technical drawings:

What is Corten Steel?

Created in the United States in 1939, Corten or Weathering Steel is an alloy that forms a natural rust coating over time as it is exposed to the weather. The outer layer rusts forming a protective coating which prevents degradation of the steel inside. Corten Steel is used all over the world. Notably in the UK one of our greatest landmarks, The Angel of the North by Anthony Gormley is made from Corten. Other striking examples include the Chicago Picasso Sculpture and the Museum of Old and New Art in Australia.

How will your Corten Steel weather?

  1. In most cases your Corten Steel product will arrive un-rusted. It may have a slight patina or dark oily residue, this is completely normal.
  2. As weathering begins, the residue breaks down and the rusty colour will start to appear. During this time, any run-off may stain stone or concrete surfaces.
  3. After weathering (around 6-9 months), run-off may still occur but it will be minimal.

After your corten steel has arrived please unpack immediately, so that any moisture between the packaging does not remain sealed. If you do not do this, there may be irregular rust and stains.

What if you want to speed up the weathering?

Fortunately science is on your side with a quick and easy fix. All you need is salty water. Dissolve around 1 teaspoon of salt in about 1 litre of water to get a weak salt solution. Spray or paint the solution evenly over your Corten Steel and that’s it! Repeat this process around 5 times over the period of a couple of weeks and you’ll see the rust developing in no time.

Let Us Help 

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When ordering your Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Feet by Adezz simply click on the category of your choice and browse through our extensive range of planters on offer. Use the full colour pictures and useful descriptions to help you identify the best planters for your garden. If you are looking for a particular planter, or size that is not on the website then give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you, or offer a suitable alternative.

Delivery Information and Costs 

Delivery times may vary but generally take around 7 working days, delivery costs are dependent on the size of the product and therefore the method of delivery. In most cases the delivery cost is £120, this is a customs charge. Pallet deliveries are kerbside only unless a suitable offload area is available. If you have any questions regarding delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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