Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Wheels by Adezz

Our intelligently designed Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Wheels by Adezz have discreet yet strong castor wheels hidden away to give you a clean look with added functionality.


Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Wheels by Adezz

Having discreet wheels on the base of your planter can be a fantastic way to combine form and function. Not only can you enjoy our stunning Corten Steel Carrez Trough Planters with Wheels by Adezz but additionally you can add a practical element to your garden design. This makes these planters perfect for restaurants or cafes as you can wheel them back in at the end of service. In addition to this, these planters are ideal for placing over an access point such as a man-holes. Or alternatively, these are handy when placed underneath a window so you can move them easily when the windows need cleaning. These are cleverly designed with a slightly raised base so that the strong wheels are hidden slightly behind the planter’s skirting. This makes for an non-intrusive inclusion of the wheels so that you still get the maximum impact of the gorgeous Corten Steel. The planters come pre-drilled with drainage holes and as the wheels raise them slightly off the ground, excess water can easily flow out of the base and away from the planter. Furthermore, there is a large range of sizes to choose from making it easy for you to create your ideal space. Of course, a range of sizes means you have flexibility with your planting scheme from bamboos to small trailing plants such as stunning lobelias. Please see below for links to selected technical drawings.

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