Corten Steel Cube Planters

These beautiful Corten Steel Cube Planters are durable and weather resistant, as well as stunning to look at!


Corten Steel Cube Planter

Our spectacular pre weathered Corten Steel Cube Planters ensure gardens are transformed through adding a bright, stylish look. Their warm, coppery colours add a modern demeanour to any space, as well as being perfectly practical. Being made of weathering steel, they have a protective layer which means there is no additional maintenance other than simply putting them in your garden! These metal planters are  extremely long lasting, which means they have impressive endurance as well as a stunning, contemporary, rustic look. This boundless material also pairs exceptionally well with all types of greenery, with the cubic design implementing a feeling of a sleek, well-kept garden. Our range of available sizes (40cm, 50cm and 60cm) cater to a wide variety of small trees and shrubs that will enhance an outdoor space. Whether you choose one planter or a combination of various sizes, you can create a picturesque arrangement that will complement any garden.

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