Corten Steel Dome Pizza Oven by Adezz

Corten Steel Dome Pizza Ovens by Adezz add style to outdoor cooking, producing lovely wood fired pizzas, their rounded shape and amber hues will elevate your outdoor area. Choose from two different station sizes to place your pizza oven on, or opt to have it stand alone.


Corten Steel Dome Pizza Oven by Adezz

Corten Steel Dome Pizza Ovens by Adezz are inspired by traditional Italian stove ovens, which are renowned for making delicious pizza. The domes are made from corten steel, so they are durable, long-lasting and have a rustic, contemporary appearance. Their round shape means there is optimal air circulation. The Dome pizza oven is 80x75x118cm and can cook a maximum of two pizzas at once. Therefore, they are perfect for dinners with friends and family. The pizza stone is made of cordierite, which is a particularly porous material. This means pizza bases can release steam, which stops the base from becoming soggy.

Corten Steel Dome Stations provide additional workspace and storage for kitchen utensils or wood. They are the perfect size for dome pizza ovens and even have the similar smooth curves that match the domes. They have a bamboo worktop which are a more sustainable hardwood for outdoor products as bamboo trees only take 4-6 years to grow. This is in comparison to tropical hardwood which takes 60-120 years. Please ensure you do not prepare food directly onto the bamboo and use an appropriate chopping board.

Using the oven 

  1. Light a fire to heat the stone
  2. After that place the burning wood to the back of the oven so the hot air rises through the dome to the flue
  3. Above the pizza, the hot air circulations which creates the perfect conditions for cooking.
  4. Once cooked, remove the pizza.

Dome Pizza Oven

  • Size- 80x75x118cm
  • Weight 70kg
  • Pizza capacity 1-2
  • Cordierite pizza stone
  • Includes flue and flue cap
  • Heat resistant surface required

Dome Station 

  • Two available sizes
  • 119x84x75cm
  • 199x84x75cm
  • Delivered rusted

What is Corten Steel?  

Corten steel was created in the United States in 1939 and is a rusting alloy that forms a natural coating over time as it is exposed to the weather. The outer layer rusts, forming a protective coating which prevents degradation of the steel inside. Corten Steel is used all over the world. Notably in the UK one of our most iconic landmarks, The Angel of the North by Anthony Gormley is made from Corten. Other striking examples include the Chicago Picasso Sculpture and the Museum of Old and New Art in Australia.

Learn more about this fantastic outdoor material in our helpful guide: What is Corten Steel?

How will your Corten Steel weather?  

  1. In most cases, your Corten Steel product will arrive un-rusted. It is completely normal for your steel to have a slight patina or dark oily residue.
  2. After the weathering begins, the rusty colour will start to appear as the outer layer breaks down. During this time, any run-off may stain stone or concrete surfaces.
  3. After the 6-9 month weathering period, run-off may still occur, but it will be minimal.

After your corten steel has arrived, please unpack immediately, so that any moisture between the packaging does not remain sealed. If you do not do this, then the rusting patterns and stain on your steel may be irregular.

Let us help

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This product currently has a 6 week lead time. Delivery cost is £120, which is a customs charge. Please contact us for any further details.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dome Station

119x84x75cm, 199x84x75cm, Without Dome Station


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