Corten Steel Round Water Table With LED Light by Adezz

The Corten Steel Round Water Table by Adezz brings an elegant addition to your outdoor space. Crafted from Corten Steel, this Adezz water feature not only looks stunning, but is also low maintenance with weather resistant properties. Please check with us prior to ordering as some water tables may be on back order.

Its circular design makes it ideal for any part of the garden, standing out from every angle as either a standalone or grouped water feature. Plus, choose your Adezz water feature from a selection of 6 different sizes to suit your requirements, ranging from 80 x 40cm to 145 x 75cm. Simply select your chosen size before you check out.

The water runs along the flat surface, giving it an “infinity” effect. This unique garden ornament bubbles water from a stainless steel nozzle spreading the water across the block. Uplift your garden design today with a Corten Steel Round Water table.


Corten Steel Round Water Table With LED Light by Adezz

The Corten Steel Round Water table by Adezz is designed to add elegance and tranquillity to any garden space. With a simple yet striking design, the water table stands out as an impressive garden feature, whilst blending seamlessly with your natural outdoor setting. Its water fountain brings a gentle soothing sound, adding a sense of peace and nature to your garden – the perfect way to sit back and relax in your garden.

Your Corten Steel Round Water Feature is supplied with an Oasis LED light (s) and a high-quality Pontec pump, providing 10 metres of cable. Each Round Water Table by Adezz has one fountain at the centre of the product.

Product Specification 

To install your Corten Steel Round Water feature correctly, follow the guidance below:

  • Each water feature has 2 connections as standard, with a 25mm inner tread.
  • The water table includes a pump and LED lighting.
  • The pump is 230 volt  and comes with a  2-pin plug, a UK adaptor is provided. We recommend professional advice prior to installation.
  • The LED light is 12 volt, a transformer is provided, again this is a round pin but an adapter is provided. 
  • The pH of the water should be 7 (neutral) products to facilitate this can be bought from a garden centre. This will help prevent a potential build-up of lime scale
  • The products must be unpacked immediately after delivery so any moisture between the packaging and the product is not sealed. This will result in irregular rust and stains.

If you need more guidance on the assembly of the product, see our water table assembly Instructions. 

Key Features

  • Self-protecting rust finish over time
  • 3mm thick corten steel
  • Made from high-quality corten steel
  • Warning: during the weathering period, run-off will occur and can stain adjacent materials
  • 5 year warranty on Adezz manufactured parts
  • Bespoke sizes are available on request 

What is Corten Steel?

Created in the United States in 1939, Corten or Weathering Steel is an alloy that forms a natural rust coating over time as it is exposed to the weather. The outer layer rusts forming a protective coating which prevents degradation of the steel inside. Corten Steel is used all over the world. Notably in the UK one of our greatest landmarks, The Angel of the North by Anthony Gormley is made from Corten. Other striking examples include the Chicago Picasso Sculpture and the Museum of Old and New Art in Australia.

Discover the many benefits of Corten Steel in our guide: What is Corten Steel? All your questions answered

How will your Corten Steel weather? 

  1. In most cases, your Corten Steel product will arrive un-rusted. It may have a slight patina or dark oily residue, this is completely normal.
  2. As weathering begins, the residue breaks down and the rusty colour will start to appear. During this time, any run-off may stain stone or concrete surfaces.
  3. After weathering (around 6-9 months), run-off may still occur but it will be minimal.

After your corten steel has arrived please unpack immediately, so that any moisture between the packaging does not remain sealed. If the product is left in packaging where there is trapped moisture, the product will most likely weather unevenly.

What if you want to speed up the weathering

Due to the actions of the water table, we feel that speeding up the rusting process is unnecessary, as this should take place fairly quickly. However, if accelerating the process is required, all you need is salty water. Dissolve around 1 teaspoon of salt in about 1 litre of water to get a weak salt solution. Spray or paint the solution evenly over your Corten Steel, avoiding contaminating the inside of the water table. Repeat this process around 2 times over the period of a couple of weeks and you’ll see the rust developing in no time.

Let Us Help 

If you are having any trouble ordering or need any advice or assistance when using the site, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01245 422 353 or email us at [email protected].


When ordering your Corten Steel Round Water Table with LED light by Adezz simply click on the category of your choice and browse through our extensive range of planters on offer. Use our in-depth pictures and useful descriptions to help you identify the best planters for your garden. If you are looking for a particular planter or size that is not on the website then give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you, or offer a suitable alternative. 


Delivery times may vary but generally take around 7 working days, delivery costs are dependent on the size of the product and therefore the method of delivery may also vary. Apart from the 100x40cm water tables which have a £50 delivery charge all other sizes have a £120 customs charge attached, this is reflected as a delivery charge.

Pallet deliveries are kerbside only unless a suitable offload area is available. If you have any questions regarding delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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